Some people have terrible names for their vaginas

Have you got a name for you lady garden?

All kinds of topics trend on Twitter. Weird topics. Hilarious topics. Topics that have clearly been thought up by people who smoke a lot of crack.

Just the other day #16thCenturySitComs was trending across Australia. Think ‘The Real Housewives of the Holy Roman Empire’, ‘Family Feudalism’, ‘Little House on the Estuary’ and our personal favourite ‘Henry VIII is Enough’… See? Funny!   But not so long ago a far stranger topic was firing up:

Terrible names for a vagina. Or make that #terriblenamesforavagina

Now in the interest of not making you vomit, we’re not going to repeat the more crass suggestions. And trust us, they were crass. But some of the  nicknames were pretty funny.

Suggestions like:

– Lady Cave

– The Chamber of Secrets

– Downtown entertainment district

– Justin Beaver

– Final destination

– George Bush, actually there was even Barbara Bush

– Bearded taco

– Sleepy Hollow

– The deathly Hallow (what is it with all the Harry Potter references? Yes, someone had called their vagina Lord Voldemort as well)

– Steve (Thinking there might be some really personal reason for this)

– The jungle

– Incubator

We haven’t shied away from vaginas on  Mamamia (try here, here and here) and why would we?

And  today we’re asking if you have a name for your vagina? A nickname? A pet name? Or is there a name that people use that you just hate?