When Becky received an unsolicited d*ck pic, she flipped the script on him.

Have you ever received an unsolicited sexual message or image and thought to yourself, I wish I could make them feel how I do, right now?

Well, British author Becky Holmes, who works tirelessly to expose online romance scams, did just that. 

Upon receiving an unsolicited d*ck pic 'for her birthday' from a follower, Becky turned the tables on the man she jokingly calls 'Long-term sex pest Greg', making him believe he was in imminent danger of dying.

So, how did this clap back unfold? 

Becky received an extremely rattling picture of Greg, who had taken it upon himself to write ‘Happy Birthday’ in bubble writing on a piece of paper and stick his penis through it. 

Image: Instagram/@deathtospinach


"I really just didn’t want to be a part of this particular person enjoying themselves any more than he already had," Becky told Channel 4

"What I decided to do was to outsmart him in the best way I could think of. Just confuse the old bloke."

So, Becky convinced the internet creeper that she could see signs of a rampant deadly illness, because isn’t karma a relaxing thought?

Sharing the text exchange on her Twitter account @deathtospinach, Becky replied to the truly horrendous birthday message with, "Greg, mate, that’s great and I appreciate the effort but I’m distracted by what appears to be a red mark on your stomach."

When ol' Greggy responded saying it was nothing, Becky told him she had a degree in dermatology and that essentially, the Grim Reaper was at his doorstep. 

"I’ve seen these before in that position and it is often a sign of something more serious," she shared. 

Soon Greg started to panic. 

"I was calm, you’re not making me calm," he wrote.

Becky proceeded to spin a tall tale that because the spot didn’t itch, it meant that poison was silently spreading through his body. 

"Greg I'm so sorry. It’s going to be a really difficult few months for you," she wrote. 


Going from satisfied to stricken, the penis pic offender was so worried he ended up showing his cousin a picture of his nether belly region to make sure he was ok, before shaving his stomach and hoofing it to the doctor for a proper checkup. 

Becky posted the exchange to her Twitter because she thought it was hilarious, and was greeted with a deluge of comments saying that Greg got what was coming for him. 

"This is one of the best responses to unsolicited pics that I've ever seen. 10/10 for effort," one user wrote.

"One of all-time favourite [ways of] dealing with a troll. I’m crying," another added.

However, speaking to Channel 4, Becky said she was surprised by the number of messages suggesting that she'd been cruel or should have explicitly told Greg not to send such images.

"I feel like something has gone really wrong with society when the onus is on the woman to explain to a man that she doesn’t want to be flashed at online," she said, simultaneously urging women to block people who send them sexual images if they feel disturbed by them. 

"The only reason I do this is because I’ve become really, sadly, desensitised," she added. 

You can read Becky’s full exchange with Greg below.

Image: Twitter/@deathtospinach


Image: Twitter/@deathtospinach


Image: Twitter/@deathtospinach

Feature image: Instagram/@deathtospinach

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