How Sarah Wilson managed with just two pairs of undies for eight years.

Okay but what's the correct number of underwear to own and why is it all I care about now? 

Because Australian media personality Sarah Wilson recently revealed that she lived with only two pairs of underwear for eight years. Yes, eight. And I have some very pressing questions.

Speaking on The Project, the author and former magazine editor shared that it happened when she was travelling the globe.  

"That is indeed a true story. Actually I think I got up to three pairs at one stage," she told Lisa Wilkinson.

"I find you only need two. I lived out of one bag, a carry-on bag for almost eight years, and travelled the world this way. And it's just how I lived."

Watch: Stuck in the lift with Sarah Wilson...and bags of lollies. Post continues below.

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Wilson was adamant you can easily survive by rotating between the two pairs and "drip-drying" one in the shower overnight. 

In fact, in an article on her website she detailed how she travelled with an eight kilo backpack, writing, "I handwashed smalls in the shower at night. So only carried two pairs of undies for the trip." 


So now here we are. Discussing underwear. Specifically, if we're doing it... right. Because how are we to know?

As someone who will bring about 25 pairs of underwear on a weekend away JUST IN CASE, I really want — nay, need — to find out: what is actually the correct number of underwear to own?

According to the Mamamia office (of course I asked my colleagues), most people own anywhere from 25 to 50 pairs. 

"Probably around 25 although I think I only wear 10 on regular rotation," one colleague shared.

Another said, "50 plus but so many types to account for all occasions."


"I think I have about 15. I threw all my undies out when I became single and bought all new chic ones," said another colleague. 

Honestly, we love to see it.

On an official tally, one Mamamia staffer counted every pair of underwear she had (because, research) and told me: 

"Just checked the undie drawer, it's 34 including the pair I have on right now and my period undies, too."


How many pairs of undies should you own?

So. Based on, um, science, it seems you need around eight to ten pairs of underpants at the very minimum. This allows you to have a pair a day and a few extras on hand for a buffer between washes.

If you're someone who likes to cater your underwear to what you're wearing, you're probably going to want to increase the number so you have with a wider variety of options.

But, look. In all seriousness, someone needs to launch a formal investigation into how many pairs of underwear we should own. Fundamentally, this is a matter for Marie Kondo. Because right now all my undies spark joy and I have about 70 pairs.  

Thoughts? Feelings? Let's discuss. How many pairs of underwear do you own? Share with us in the comment section below.

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