"He will provide a good home": Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar movement will live on, after all.

Not one to do things by halves, fitness entrepreneur and ex-Bachelor Sam Wood celebrated his 38th birthday today, and in doing so made a rather large announcement.

In light of Sarah Wilson’s closure of her business I Quit Sugar, the 1500-plus sugar-free recipes will now be available on 28 By Sam Wood, and it’s a partnership that has Wilson’s personal tick of approval.

“Sam’s got this. He got on board. He shared the values of his business,” the author and recipe-developer wrote on I Quit Sugar.

“He is also committed to pairing accessible fitness training with dietary principles that align with most of the ones I worked to for eight years.

“The guy gives a sh*t. He will provide a good home.”

Speaking more in-depth about the deal, Wilson said that she wanted to hand-pick exactly who could buy the recipes, with all the money from the deal going to charity.


“He shared the values of his business. I dug down deeper into his community – I could see [that they’ve] got this. Then he offered to work further with me on the charity project I keep mentioning,” she wrote.

Under this new arrangement 28 By Sam Wood will be the sole custodian of the I Quit Sugar recipes. All the recipes that were available for free on IQS will remain so on 28’s blog platform, while the recipes that were only available through the IQS eight-week program will be integrated into 28’s recipe library.

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“We have long admired Sarah as an innovator, fighting the good fight in a quest to help people lead healthier lives,” a statement released by 28 By Sam Wood read.

“We are proud to share her vision and ‘just eat real food’ approach to nutrition and strongly believe that the acquisition of these recipes will enable our program to continue to improve the lives of thousands worldwide.”