From Virgin River to Chesapeake Shores: 8 cheesy TV shows to watch when there's nothing left.

Need something to watch but feel like you’ve seen every single great TV show out? We’ve got you covered.

If you’ve spent far too much time scrolling through your streaming services searching for something – anything – to watch next, here are eight options that look terrible, but are worth giving a chance.

Trust us, they’re better than they look.

1. Virgin River.

netflix virgin river
Get ready for Virgin River to steal your heart. Image: Netflix.

Look, all we can say about this show is once you start watching it, you'll wonder what you ever watched before.


Virgin River is a classic trashy Netflix soap about a nurse who packs up her LA life and runs away from her painful past to the snowy, sleepy fictional American small town of... Virgin River. There, she deals with small town gossip, strikes up a sexual tension-fueled friendship with a good looking local, and confronts her demons. All the usual stuff.

It's soapy, romantic and fluffy, but also features heavier themes many of us can relate to, like miscarriage, loss and grief. In other words, you'll laugh and roll your eyes while watching this show, but you'll also sob.

Oh, and it's basically exactly the same as another great TV show Hart of Dixie.

2. The Circle.

The Circle Netflix
Introducing, The Circle. Image: Netflix.

The Circle is a reality show on Netflix that has been described as Survivor meets Big Brother meets Catfish.

The show's premise is... hectic. Basically, eight contestants move into eight individual apartments and can only communicate with each other via an in-game messaging app called The Circle. The contestants only know each other via their profile photos and messages, and then are occasionally asked to rate each other by how interesting they are (or aren't). The two highest-rated contestants are named “The Influencers” and get to choose to ‘block’ and eliminate one member from the circle. They're also competing to win money.

Sounds terrible. Might be terrible. But Twitter loves it.

3. Clique.

Moody and mysterious. Image: Stan.

Just from looking at the poster, you can tell you'll be addicted to this show. Lucky there are heaps of episode to binge ahead of you!

Clique is a BBC-produced drama on Stan that follows the lives of a group of entitled Edinburgh students (stay with us). Childhood friends Georgia and Holly are drawn into an elite clique of alpha-girls during their first few weeks at college, and worrying stuff ensues.

It's dark, a bit sexy, and there are lots of British accents. The part psychological thriller/part teenage drama often has you wondering... 'why did that just happen??' but for some reason, you'll keep watching.

4. Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl cast now
Remember us? We're the rich teens of Gossip Girl. Image: CBS.

Love it or hate it, Gossip Girl is a classic. The story lines are absurd, the acting is terrible, and you'll hate it so much but will devour every episode.

Watching the New York high-society teen drama in 2020 is equal parts problematic and nostalgic. Every single episode is available to watch on Netflix.

5. Pretty Little Liars.

Don't be fooled. This series isn't so sweet. Image: Netflix.

If you're after a 'so bad, it's good' show with lots of episodes ready to binge, look no further than Pretty Little Liars.

There are SEVEN SEASONS available to stream on Netflix. That should keep you busy for a while.

The American teen drama mystery thriller show (what a mouthful) follows the lives of four high school girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader. Their friend is presumed dead... until a blackmailer starts ruining their lives.

It's a lot.

6. All American.

All American
Add All American to your TV show list, now. Image: Stan.

The best way to describe Stan's teen football drama All American is: it's an LA street version of Friday Night Lights and Taye Diggs is the 'Coach Taylor'.

If that description means nothing to you, go and watch Friday Night Lights immediately. Then come back and watch All American.

The show sees teenage football rising star Spencer James relocate from his rough South Crenshaw neighbourhood to the shiny suburb of Beverly Hills in pursuit of a professional NFL career. He moves into the head coach's mansion and has to adjust to a completely new way of life, along with all the usual teen dramas like making friends, meeting girls and saving the hood.

This show has everything you could ever want in a weekend binge. In even better news, there are two seasons of it waiting to be streamed on Stan right now.

7. Chesapeake Shores.

You can already tell how great this TV show will be, right? Image: Netflix.

You should know, Chesapeake Shores is a truly terrible TV show. It is highly bingeable, though. You can just roll through episodes like it's nothing.


The Hallmark family drama follows a predictable plot line: high-powered career woman moves back to her small hometown, woman rekindles romance with an old high school flame, and the rest is history.

Chesapeake Shores is a wholesome, cheesy mixture of Virgin River and 7th Heaven, and stars Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die fame as the leading man. In case you were wondering what he's been up to lately...

8. Love Is Blind.

love is blind netflix
It's trashier than MAFS. Image: Netflix.

Faced with the prospect of missing out on The Bachelor this year, Love Is Blind is an excellent alternative that's completely ridiculous.

It's even trashier than Married At First Sight (if that's even... possible?) with an earnest premise of finding true love.

What's it about? Well, a huge group of strangers move into some sort of compound and go on a series of blind dates in rooms called 'pods' where they can only get to know people based on their voice and personality. Then, in a matter of days, they must choose someone to propose to (REALLY). They finally meet in person, go on a nice holiday in Mexico to explore their relationship. Next comes moving in together, getting to know each other’s families and planning a wedding - all in approximately three weeks. We should mention this is a reality TV show.

It's cringe but makes for very easy watching. Enjoy!

Feature image: Stan and Netflix.

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