'It's trashier than MAFS but I can't stop watching Netflix's new dating show, Love Is Blind.'

Reality dating shows have never been super… ethical.

There’s the Bachelor franchise and its many spin-offs, which has in Australia alone seen broken engagements, manufactured ‘villains’ and (multiple) accusations of queer-baiting. There’s Married At First Sight which fake marries strangers who definitely aren’t compatible for drama and Love Island, which puts beautiful people in a house and films their often scandalous relationships.

Netflix’s new dating show Love Is Blind is sort of all of them combined, except for the absolutely wild decision to not allow the cast to see each other until they decide to get married.

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Yes, the premise is blind dating strangers for 10 days, or less if you find ‘the one’ earlier. The men and women (Love Is Blind is very heteronormative), are separated into different parts of a house and only meet in ‘pods’ separated by a wall that looks like it was concocted by Elsa from Frozen.

The idea is that without the distraction of seeing each other, they can figure out if they’re compatible on a ‘deep emotional level’.

Sounds a little weird, sure, but a fair enough experiment so far. But then, because drama and ratings, hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey (Yeah, the guy who once explained tuna to Jessica Simpson), tell the cast that after finding a connection they must get engaged to their chosen partner before being allowed to see them.

Then they’ll be sent on a nice holiday in Mexico to explore their relationship and, ideally, make it work fight in the name of decent TV. Then they’ll move in together/get to know each other’s families/plan a wedding happening in approximately three weeks time.

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Oh sorry did I not yet mention they’re expected to get married 38 days after first meeting?

Another important thing that is glaringly obvious to viewers is that, even though the theory of the show is to take away the initial physical attraction of a relationship, all the contestants are typically good looking. They’re all camera-ready. There’s no major risk, meaning there’s no major shock come reveal time.

I’ll admit, the opening episode of Love Is Blind is a little bit dull but it’s worth sticking it out.


There are some awkward initial chats before the singles get settled into their connections and before the end of the first episode, we already have our first engagement.

“Five days in, and I know who I want to be my future husband. I can’t believe it,” 32-year-old content creator Lauren says about 28-year-old scientist Cameron.

“I’ve had meals in my refrigerator for longer than that. That’s crazy.”

I mean… she said it.

They meet face-to-face in the second episode, setting off a domino effect of multiple blind engagements.

By the third episode, there are six engaged couples. One includes 34-year-old Jessica, who absolutely should not have said yes to the proposal of a man 10 years her junior, who was definitely her back-up option.

You’ll find yourself really angry about that, and suddenly you’ll realise you’ve watched three hours of this show and have too many FEELINGS.

You’ll probably also search all their names on Twitter because you simply must know if others feel the same. Spoiler: They do.

Netflix released five episodes first up, and like its January release The Circle, it will drop multiple episodes over three weeks. On February 20, we’ll get four more episodes documenting the couples moving in together, meeting the parents and planning their weddings.

The final ‘I Dos’ (or I Don’ts) will happen in the finale coming February 27.

So far, we’ve seen just one huge bust-up involving the ditching of an engagement ring in a hotel pool and a drink thrown in someone’s face, but it’s clear there are more spectacular fights to come.

love is blind netflix
SEE, that is a LITERAL runaway bride. Image: Netflix.

Having binged all five available episodes in a day, I'll happily admit that I'll be violently refreshing my Netflix on Thursday, because frankly I NEED to know if Kenny and Kelly are as pure as they seem and if Jessica will put poor Mark out of his misery.

Because while Love Is Blind is deeply problematic, in the context of reality TV, it's really damn good.

The whole concept is ridiculous and its results seem unrealistic, but you'll want at least three more seasons and a Giannina spin-off show.

You'll feel that tension a lot. As you watch strangers tell each other they're in love after three days, as you watch a couple fight over sexuality and as you watch one woman squirm every time her new fiance comes near her, it will seem a little... icky.

But you'll also be immensely entertained.

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