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Troy Delmege's unexpected struggle after appearing on Married at First Sight.

There are some things you need to know.

Firstly, Justin Fischer, otherwise known as the fake-millionaire from last season of Married at First Sight who spoke about nothing except his non-existent yacht and his ice-cream business, has done a very important interview with Daily Mail Australia and offered some gossip about co-star, Troy Delmege.

It would appear the interview was simply a bid to plug his ice-cream business, Brullen, which gave away free soft serves for two hours on Sunday.


We’re pretty sure Justin only went on Married at First Sight to draw attention to the business, and to try and sell his experimental wife, Carly Bower, an ice cream machine she didn’t want/need.

But none of that matters now, because Troy is having a tough time and Justin decided to tell us all about it.

You see, IT manager Troy is now dating Justin’s ex-fake-wife Carly, and they live in Melbourne together and occasionally drop hints that they might have a baby soon. But since the show ended, according to Justin at least, Troy hasn’t been able to find a job.

“He’s still out of work and finding it hard to get employment,” Justin said. Troy is reportedly considering moving back to Sydney, due to the lack of work in Melbourne.

And apparently Troy isn’t the only one.

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“I know a few of the guys are struggling,” Justin said. “I know Patrick [Miller] is back into work now, but he was struggling for a little while.”

Dean Wells, who was the villain of the series, has also reportedly struggled to find employment in the last few months.

Justin added that most of the cast are still single and he doesn’t know why.

“We’ve got this good platform now in the public eye, and we’re all struggling to meet people… I think there’s like 20 people from the show still single, what’s the go with that?” he asked.

The only two contestants who are known to be in relationships, are Tracey Jewel and Davina Rankin.