The Triple J breakfast show prank that got the hosts pulled off air by their boss.

Triple J breakfast hosts Ben Harvey & Liam Stapleton just don’t know when to quit.

On Wednesday morning Ben & Liam began their regular segment the Wednesday Morning Wake Up Call, in which they call people just after 6am to be really annoying wake them up.

A listener dared the pair to prank their new radio boss Lachie Macara. They weren’t super stoked about the idea because you know, he’s their boss, but after Liam declared him a slacker who needs to be woken up, they called him.

Lachie answered after a few rings and the hosts played Bring Me To Life by Evanescence (remember them?!) very loudly in his ear.


“Good morning, this is your Wednesday morning wake-up call,” Liam announced.

The boss was not impressed, replying with a very sarcastic “Fantastic, yep, this is great.”

Ben amd Liam asked if they still had jobs, but Lachie wasn’t laughing: “When I get in, we should chat.”

After a couple of songs, one of the show’s producers had to jump on-air after Ben and Liam were pulled off air to deal with the wrath of their new boss on another call.

They eventually returned to the studio and told listeners that all was okay…

But it wasn’t for long.

On air this morning Ben and Liam confirmed they had a “bit of a meeting” later in the day and all was now well in the world.

Except the duo said they owed Lachie an apology… SO THEY CALLED HIM AGAIN.


They woke him up for the second morning in a row and just like yesterday, he sounded mad as heck.

“Are you kidding me? Are you doing this again?” he asked even though yes, clearly, they were.

“Lachie, we’re just calling you up to say we’re really sorry for waking you up yesterday,” Ben said.

“We know there were a lot of articles coming out,” Liam added. “Obviously you were pretty upset in the meeting. We just wanted to apologise from the bottom of our hearts for yesterday.”

Lachie got the last word, although we’re sure there’s more to come: “I tell you what, lets have a quick chat about it at 9am,” he said before hanging up on them. Again.