Zoe Foster Blake pulled off a bloody sensational prank for Hamish Blake's birthday.

If you had 627,000 Instagram followers, what would you do? Would you use your powers of social influence for good, or for evil?

If your name is Zoe Foster Blake, and you just happen to be a best-selling author/beauty entrepreneur/everyone’s dream best friend, the answer is, of course, both.

And that’s exactly what the mother-of-two did in honour of her husband’s 36th birthday, managing to troll him relentlessly and give her followers plenty of LOLs at the same time.

Image via Instagram.

When the birthday of your husband of five years also happens to be on your wedding anniversary, you can't just wrap a pair of socks or a set of new golf balls up with a pretty red bow and call it a day.

No, this occasion calls for a much bigger gesture. A 'flood his social media comments with the thing he hates the most' type of gesture.

Writing on Instagram, Zoe urged her followers to comment on her hubby's latest post with "Buon compleanno, ti auguro un sacci di funghi!"

It translates to "Happy birthday, I wish you a lot of mushrooms!"


The only problem? Hamish Blake, 36-year-old father to adorable tots Sonny and Rudy, absolutely HATES mushrooms.

Barely 12 hours after posting her birthday message, Hamish's latest Instagram photo had racked up 830 comments, most of which referenced the spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus.

So. Many. Mushrooms. Image via Instagram.

(For reference, the average number of comments on his five previous posts was 256. We did the maths...)

But Zoe wasn't the only member of the Blake family to "ruin" Hamish's special day: three-year-old Sonny also took the opportunity to "nick" a few of the lollies from his dad's birthday cake.

For me?

To be fair, this could all be counted as payback for someone who regularly pranked unsuspecting strangers on his radio show and was even branded a "delivery room nuisance" by his co-host and best friend, Andy Lee.

"I think is very standard procedure for the husband, to go, – she can't be on it all the time – 'Look, it's free gas, we're paying for this, let's have a honk on the gas'," Hamish said, describing how he wanted to have a suck on the gas that was meant for his wife while she was in labour.

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"I guess I hadn't cleaned my mouth out enough, so when I put the gas in my mouth some pasta and carrots and soup had got caught in it and it was down to far to clean out."

Oh. OH.

In that case, "Buon compleanno, ti auguro un sacci di funghi" Hamish!