The airplane aisle-seat hack you'll wish you knew about sooner.

When it comes to travel hacks, we hear plenty of the same ideas over and over again — which makes them more like travel standard practices than hacks. 

But, if you sift through the vast array of self-described travel influencers, you're bound to find some out-of-the-box gems or genuine hacks you haven't actually thought of yourself. Thank you TikTok!

Let's face it, we all know to tie a coloured ribbon to our suitcase to ensure we quickly recognise it on the conveyer belt. These travel tips and tricks are so much better than that.

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Think you can't take water on an international flight? Think again.

According to @GracieTravels, this one is the "best hack ever" and allows you to take your own water onto the plane. When travelling overseas, as a rule, you're restricted from taking more than 100ml of liquid onto the plane. If that liquid is frozen, however, it's no longer liquid. So, simply freeze your water bottle before you head to the airport, and you'll be taking a solid item onto the plane, not a liquid. Clever. 

Just remember to drink or dispose of the excess water before you go through security. 

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Not all power points are created equal. 

Most of us are pretty good at packing our essentials, such as hairdryers, phone chargers, straighteners, etc. But less frequent travellers often find themselves at their international destination unable to plug said items in. That means waiting the night and scrambling for an adapter the following day. 


Whether you're a new or frequent traveller, buy yourself a multipurpose adapter and keep it with your toiletries. 

And another handy tip from the TikTok pros — invest in air tags. 

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How to watching movies on your phone hands free. 

Are you wanting to watch TV or movies during a flight but there isn't a screen available on your plane? Most of us now have content downloaded on our phones to watch, but often it's a pain to have to hold our phones at the right angle for well over an hour. 

Coming across this genius hack is one handy solution to less neck strain and hand soreness. 

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The headrest hack most of us don't know about.

How did we not know about this?!

On all seats on planes, there is a headrest with a lovely cushion to keep your noggin comfy. But on lots of airlines, you can make the headrest even more comfortable. Watch below.

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Avoid lost luggage catastrophes. 

Most of us have had to deal with the nightmare that is lost luggage. No pajamas, no clothes. 

The easiest way to avoid this is simply — always bring an extra outfit in your carry on. 

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The aisle seat hack we all need.

Last but certainly not least, one of the annoying aspects of being in an aisle seat is that the handrest doesn't come up... or does it.

There's actually a secret little button at the very back of the armrest that you can press and then it will pop up, unlike the standard button near the front that doesn't work for aisle seats.

It can make a long haul flight that extra bit comfier.

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What's your favourite travel hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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