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peasful March 30, 2024

As an ex flight attendant, be warned that the arm rest hack is only available in certain rows, not every row. It’s there to assist people who board using a wheelchair, which is very common  on flights 😉

peasful March 20, 2024

Glad I’m not the only one!! 😂 anxiety levels are high!

peasful July 18, 2023

Not giving shade to your comment, however, as a late 40's woman myself in the throws of peri I have felt as though my quick, witty, smart and sharp as a tack brain from my 30's has fallen out of my head! My critical thinking and decision making engine has some serious glitches. The hormone shift hits women in many ways at different stages, to me the Miranda content is relatable AF.
Bravo on your article Holly!

peasful May 9, 2023

Love this piece so much! Thanks for the lols 😆 

peasful February 15, 2023

I’m team Holly for this one. Hubs & I have always stayed in same bed, your couple relationship is so important during this night time busy parenting time. Going to bed together to read, talk/debrief, snuggle etc. Then when bubs wake up multiple times, yes my partner was woken too. But he would check in with me to see if he could help & then go back to sleep while I breastfed. This support really helped me get through it. It’s not about who should get the best sleep but about being a team. My two bobs worth 😊

peasful August 19, 2022

Thank you a trillion times over for this article Holly. Resonates with me very much. 

peasful August 10, 2022

Virginia says “I'm now into six years of being a mum, and only now I'm feeling like I understand it all. ” oh honey.. wait for the teenage years, that’s when the real (un)fun begins!

peasful June 12, 2022

I’m fairly certain it was 55 hours that Britney & Jason were married, not days 😉

peasful May 5, 2022

Great piece Holly! X

peasful January 15, 2022

I’ve been wondering the same 🤔 hasn’t appeared anywhere for me & I’ve just paid up as a new Mplus member

peasful January 7, 2022

Thanks for this article Gemma. This whole situation is appalling & the government has a lot to answer for. Meanwhile Scomo is at the cricket acting like everything is sweet as, makes my blood boil!! We are being let down severely with no decent leadership.

peasful August 27, 2021

I'm shocked 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' doesn't rate a mention. Very entertaining show and about the absolute WORST (and hilariously funny) people.