Men giving birth, the cluckiness test and 8 other must-watch videos

These two dutch men experienced what childbirth feels like; the result was hilarious.
These two Dutch men experienced what childbirth feels like; the result was hilarious.


1. Men giving birth. These two Dutch television hosts got a shock when they decided they wanted to experience childbirth for themselves. The results are hilarious… Two hours, a lot of screaming and quite a few electrodes to the stomachs later – they beg for mercy.

2. The cluckiness test: video of a baby having a bath. Mia loved this video so much she cried.. but her husband didn’t quite get it. We dubbed it the clucky-ness test and if you are that way inclined, it is sure to make your ovaries tingle.

3. Ad for women, made by women.  It’s an ad made for women, by women. It features five men who are worried about women’s heath. They want women to check themselves for breast cancer – and they’ve made a video to show them how to do it.

4. High Five Adam Hills This rant was liked over six thousand times when we posted it in March. Adam Hills’ verbal assault on Joan Rivers after she made derogatory comments about Adele had some people high fiving their screens but it also had some crying ‘hypocrite’.

5. Stiletto Surgery  An insane new trend in plastic surgery that you have to see to believe. Women are undergoing ‘toe tucks’ to fit into their high heeled shoes more comfortably. We are putting this one firmly in the crazy basket, along with designer vaginas.

6. An incredibly honest conversation between mother and son Stories like this are the important ones. The ones that change the way you think about the world, the ones that you feel privileged to have listened to. This incredibly frank and charming conversation between a mother and her grade 7 son who has aspergers is beautiful.


7. The roller coaster that is giving women orgasms. When we posted this blog back in November there was an influx of women to Malta. (We kid.. but there could have been.) Why? Because as these videos show, men don’t need to reading the ‘Hot Sex Tips’ section of the glossies to satisfy their partners , they just need to take them on THIS roller coaster.

8. Most of Europe doesn’t recognise this family.  This video strips back all the debate around contemporary family structures and brings it back to what’s really important: love.

Caroline Williams says sorry to Richard; the horse riding and dancing in Bodyform's sanitary pad commercials were metaphors.
Caroline Williams says sorry to Richard; the horse riding and dancing in Bodyform’s sanitary pad commercials were metaphors.

9. Richard, we’re sorry for lying to you about periods. Social media has added a whole other channel for consumers to complain about brands. This response British sanitary pad company ‘Bodyform’ gave to a Facebook commenters tongue in cheek complaint about deluding him about what periods really were is hilarious.

10. The girl who won the internet. In our view, anyway. She’s probably less than five years old, but she plays the Xylophone like a girl well beyond her years.


What are your favourite viral videos? Have we missed any?


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