Brave. Very brave.

The two young Dutch blokes you’re about to meet, host a TV series called Guinea Pigs. They set themselves up with ridiculous experiments, where they use themselves as the test subjects….

And then one of them had the bright idea of finding out what childbirth really feels like.

Like we said, brave.

Two hours, a lot of screaming and quite a few electrodes to the stomachs later – they beg for mercy. The expression of the midwife – a woman who has watched the real thing for a duration of far longer than 2 hours – is one of someone who knows better. She is bemused.

Take a look (the pain really starts to set in around the 4 minute mark):

And for the women reading this who HAVE experienced childbirth?

You are SO entitled to feel a little smug right now. Alright. A lot smug.

2 hours? Soft…

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