Tom Cruise has a new girlfriend. Her ex-husband isn't happy about it.

Tom Cruise is off the market with the actor reportedly now dating Russian-British model, Elsina Khayrova.

Cruise was spotted with Khayrova at a party in London’s Grosvenor Square, where they “spent most of the night dancing”, before the twosome were seen leaving together in the early hours. 

“They were inseparable — clearly a couple,” a guest at the event told the Daily Mail“He seemed to be besotted with her.”

The 36-year-old is 25 years younger than the Hollywood actor, and her father is Russian MP Rinat Khayrova, who is a political ally of Vladimir Putin. So there's that! 

This is Cruise's first public relationship since his divorce from his third wife, Katie Holmes, in 2012.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2012. Image: Getty. 


Speaking of exes, we need to talk about Elsina's Russian mogul ex-husband and diamond tycoon, Dmitry Tsvetkov, who the model divorced in 2020. 

The Russian oligarch gave an interview with the Daily Mail to warn Cruise about his ex-wife. 

“Irrespective of whoever she’s with, Tom Cruise or anybody else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and has expensive and luxurious tastes,” Tsetkov said.

“Tom should keep his eyes and wallet wide open.”

Dmitry said he hasn't spoken to his ex-wife about her new rumoured romance, as their “preferred method of communication” was through their attorney. 

But it wasn't all negative, Tsetkov added that he is “happy for her”, but also mentioned she was “never been a big Tom Cruise fan, but I’m sure that’s all changed now.”

This man is so messy. 

Elsina Khayrova on the right. Image: Getty. 


The tycoon also claims the three-year divorce cost him nearly $298 million and led to him selling off his assets to pay her. 

The couple split after over a decade of marriage and welcoming two children together.

Despite Dimtry's warnings, it's not like dating Cruise is a walk in the park either. 

Cruise has long been a prominent member of the divisive Church of Scientology. The actor has been embroiled in various controversies over the years about the church's controversial methods and mantras, including the time he scolded Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants to treat postpartum depression. 

The kids he adopted with his second wife, Nicole Kidman, Isabella and Connor Cruise, have also seemingly turned their backs on their mother since joining the church. 

Prior to the Elsina reports, the Jerry Maguire star was rumoured to be dating his Mission Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell.

The actress has since slammed the rumours as “weird", “upsetting” and “invasive”, telling The Independent that “It’s not what I’m about," she said. 

"Why are things being assumed or projected onto me about my relationship with my work colleague and boss?”

Feature image: Getty.

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