A slide & $900 weights: 8 details we spotted in celeb homes during the Together At Home concert.

Lady Gaga’s Together At Home fundraising concert featured basically every successful musician you can imagine, from Paul McCartney to Taylor Swift, to the Rolling Stones to Beyonce.

The broadcast, which totalled eight hours, saw more than 100 musicians performing from their homes, broadcast on TV, social media and streaming services around the globe.

Delta Goodrem performs Together We Are One for Together At Home. Post continues below video.

Video via YouTube

Besides the talent on display, the celebration of the frontline workers around the world working around the clock and the important information about social distancing, mental health and washing our hands… We also got to look inside the homes of celebrities.

Honestly, this was us throughout the entire broadcast:


Our squinting paid off; here's what we noticed about the celebrities' homes.

1. John Legend's EGOT.

together at home
Image: YouTube.

Ok, this might be the ultimate flex.

John Legend performed Stand By Me from his grand piano as a duet with Sam Smith, but behind him, his huge wall of awards really stole the show.

There were a few easily recognisable awards, including lot of Grammys (11, to be precise), a couple of MTV VMAs, and a Golden Globe - but that wasn't even close to his full collection (his awards shelves stretch upwards... tall enough that we couldn't actually see the top shelf during his performance).

Also visible was his Tony Award, a Billboard Music Award and Critics' Choice Movie Award.

Legend is one of only 15 people ever to win the top awards for achievements in television, music, film and theatre: An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award.

2. Sheryl Crow's interesting poster.


Sheryl Crow performed I Shall Believe from her home recording studio. Like any studio, it features instruments like pianos and guitars, recording equipment and... a 'fried chicken' poster.

3. Jimmy Fallon's treehouse slide.

together at home
Image: YouTube.

If anyone was going to have a slide inside their house, that looks exactly like a treehouse, it would be Jimmy Fallon.

Who do we think is the most famous person that has drunkenly slid down it? Our money is on Tina Fey.

4. Lady Gaga has Versace weights.

together at home
Image: YouTube.

Sorry, but we couldn't even buy $20 weights off Rebel due to this whole pandemic thing so forgive us for being jealous of Lady Gaga's Versace weights worth a cool AU$900.


5. Elton John's piano was... on his basketball court?

together at home
A health and safety issue. Image: YouTube.

For Elton John's performance of I'm Still Standing, we joined the legend outside in his garden with a lush hedge behind him. Then the camera panned out and we realised... Elton John was performing on a basketball court, or at least far too close to the portion of his backyard dedicated to throwing hoops than seems safe. Imagine going in for a dunk and landing on that grand piano.

6. The Rolling Stones' drumming was... not drumming.

together at home
Image: YouTube.

Look. We'd never claim the Rolling Stones were performing with a backing track but... Charlie Watts' non-drums made some really impressive drum sounds.

7. Kerry Washington organises her books by colour.


Is she okay?


8. Charlie Puth is peak laziness in lockdown and we feel seen.

Charlie Puth couldn't even be bothered to make his bed before recording a performance to be seen around the world. God, that's relatable.

He's also in lockdown at his parents' house, and it's genuinely surprising his parents didn't burst in mid-song and yell at him about it.

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Feature image: YouTube.