News anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes allegedly cheated together. Their exes are now dating.

It was the scandal that capped off 2022 when news anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's relationship was outed.  

The twosome were staples of ABC News program Good Morning America but they were fired following allegations they had cheated on their spouses, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue.

At the time, ABC released a statement addressing why the longtime anchors were leaving the show. “After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes about different options, we all agreed it's best for everyone that they move on from ABC News,” the network said in a statement. 

Holmes and Robach have since confirmed they're very much in a relationship, but they maintain they didn't cheat and only started their romance after separating from their respective partners.

Andrew Shue and Amy Robach in 2019. Image: Getty. 


And what are their respective partners up to now? Well, according to Page Six, Marilee and Andrew are now dating.

Yep. Let that sink in. 

The celebrity gossip site is claiming they've been dating for about six months. Their romance began after they trauma bonded, as all good relationships begin.

“It turned into something else, and they’re connected over their values. It’s bigger than the affair now,” a source said.

“They’re not heartbroken and sad... Everyone has moved on.”

A happy ending? In this economy?

As for Holmes and Robach, they've since launched a podcast together with the ingenious title of Amy & T.J. In the first episode, they opened up about their mutual firing from Good Morning America.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are still standing. Image: IHEART MEDIA.


In the episode, T.J. and Amy said they were both separated and living in separate homes to their ex-spouses when they started their relationship. 

“We shouldn’t have allowed, [and] I can say that in hindsight, for folks to find out about our relationship before they found out about our divorces,” T.J. said. 

“If people would have heard [about the divorces] earlier [then] ‘they’re in a relationship, now they’re dating,’ maybe an eyebrow would have been raised or something, but it wouldn’t have become what it became.”

Fiebig and Holmes share one child and settled their divorce in October 2023. This followed Robach and Shue finalising their split in March. The couple doesn’t share any biological children together but has five children from prior relationships.

"A lot of you understand that life, love, marriage, relationships can be messy and usually are," added Holmes on the podcast.

You don't say!

Feature image: Getty.

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