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Get to know every contestant joining Jessica Mauboy's team on The Voice Australia.

Warm up your vocal cords folks because Australia's favourite signing show is back! 

That's right, The Voice Australia is back for another entertaining season of inspiring performances, as our panel of coaches discover and mentor the very best talent this country has to offer.

The new season will welcome back some familiar faces, along with some new ones, including industry icons Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, and Rita Ora, all of whom are returning for another season of mentoring magic. 

Fan favourite Keith Urban has sadly departed the series to focus on his family, however his replacement Jason Derulo is sure to bring an equal amount of dazzling talent to the team.

As the season gears up for another wild ride, speculation about who will join each team has begun. Many are wondering who will end up with pop star Jessica Mauboy for the latest season of the show.

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So considering the rumour mill is turning, let's get you up to speed on all things Jessica Mauboy and her talented team of aspiring performers.

The Voice Australia team: Jessica Mauboy.

Image: Getty.

You're probably very familiar with Jessica Mauboy's, considering she came runner up on her very own season of Australian Idol, which swiftly launched her into the spotlight. This is exactly why Jessica has a deep personal understanding of what the contestants are going through.


If her stint on Aussie Idol doesn't immediately bring back visions of the early noughties, then surely banger hits like 'Burn' and 'Running Back' will jog your memory. Jessica's tunes aren't the only thing she's known for, she's also been working to support Indigenous Australian communities.

Jessica has also dabbled in acting, taking the lead role in the Aussie film The Sapphires, also featuring on the soundtrack. 

Unfortunately, many of the details surrounding who will join Jessica's team are still under wraps, however, it's safe to say anyone who scores a spot on this team is one lucky duck.

Check back in to see exactly which contestants will be working with the pop singer. 

The season premieres on Sunday, so tune in to Channel 7 or 7Plus at 7:30pm.

Image: Getty + Mamamia. 

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