We found out how The Voice judges really behave when the cameras are turned off.

Have you ever risked your life to go behind the scenes of a national TV sensation in the pursuit of truth, justice, integrity AND in order to find out if Boy George’s hat is really attached to his head at all times?

Well, neither have we, exactly, but when the team behind Mamamia’s TV podcast The Binge got the opportunity to rub shoulders with the cast and crew of The Voice Australia at an exclusive party to celebrate the launch of the live shows, we decided to treat it as an exploration into unknown territory.

Just picture Christopher Columbus and James Cook armed with glittery iPhones and a thirst for complimentary champagne and you’ll start to get an idea of how this story is about to go down…

So, for the sake of historical accuracy (and risking the possibility of never again being allowed to step foot inside another The Voice sanctioned event) here is an anthropological description of what those The Voice judges really get up to when the TV cameras are not around.

Listen to what really goes down behind the scenes of The Voice on a special segment of The Binge. 

1. Boy George is locked in a wardrobe battle to the death with Tina Sparkle.

Look here, Boy George, I don’t know what your mother taught you about manners, but in our country you don’t go around questioning saints who go by the name of “Tina Sparkle”.

That’s akin to heresy and/or scooping all the chocolate ice-cream out of a Neapolitan and leaving some poor sod to survive on just strawberry and vanilla.


Boy George must be bubbling over with wardrobe resentment because he used The Voice party as an opportunity to rankle host Sonia Kruger about the fact that a show mandate prevents them both from wearing yellow at the same time.

“You know, George and I, we’ve actually had chats…” Sonia Kruger/Tina Sparkle started off, clearly drawing her sword and preparing for the wardrobe battle.

“I’ve actually been told a few times I can’t wear certain colours because ‘Sonia is wearing them…’ clarified Boy George, obviously not realizing exactly who he was talking to.

“It’s true!” he protested. “A few times I’ve been told ‘oh, don’t wear yellow because Sonia is wearing yellow’.”

Boy George, let me clear this up for you right here, right now. The woman can pull off a headdress compromised solely of freshly picked summer fruits, you are not going to win this one, buddy.

Sonia Kruger/Tina Sparkle to Boy George "Don't you know who I am?"

2. Seal likes to film exclusive footage for his upcoming cameo on *The Secret Life of Stage Mums at opportunistic moments. 

During the party, Seal's ragtag team of The Voice finalist's took to the stage to perform a rendition of his iconic hit Kiss From A Rose and just as they were building up to the chorus, Seal himself glided onto the stage like a luxury yacht cruising the high seas and proceeded to take the mic from a contestant and take over belting out the hit all by himself.

Look, to be honest, I'm not sure that Seal was even in the building/country when the song first started to play, but I guess the age old legend must really be true. If you just start singing Kiss From A Rose, no matter where you are, Seal will appear before your very eyes.


Go try it in the bathroom mirror right now, I'll wait.

But still, no one owns that song like that man does, so we'll welcome him onstage any old time.

When Kiss From A Rose is being performed and Seal himself jumps in @thevoiceau #thevoice #party #seal #sydney

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3. Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem are giving off Thelma and Louise vibes in a non-crash crash kind of way.

Have you ever thought about who you'd like to go on the lam with should you accidentally commit a federal crime and find yourself in need of taking off on an unlikely road-trip adventure? I have, and after seeing Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem interact in the flesh, they are exactly who I'd chose to ride and hopefully not die with.

Talking about the fact that female stars can appear on television together without having "cat fight" stamped across the screen above their perfectly coiffed heads is as just as interesting as a professional internet troll telling their Facebook friends they don't care about Schapelle Corby.

And yet, when their names come up in a story together you can bet your bottom dollar that's the one question that always gets brought up.

So, here's the inside scoop. When Delta Goodrem took to the stage with Team Delta, Kelly cheerfully called out from the audience "I got you boo" when their on-screen relationship was brought up. Then, the two powerhouses proceeded to hang out together in a cluster of two after the live performances, and do that thing that close friends do when they have a secret language made up of hugs and hand touches.

Look, I'm just going to go ahead and say that you've never felt true love until you've been the emotional meat in a Kelly/Delta feelings burger.

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It should also be noted that nobody was tracking Boy George and Seal around the party to make sure they were openly acting in a friendly and engaging manner.

For all we know, they were reenacting Fight Club behind the bar while the rest of were nonchalantly peering around the room and trying our best not to look like we were on the lookout for second servings of the mini-cheeseburgers.

The Binge co-host Clare Stephens failing to catch an elusive photo with Seal.

When it comes to stepping into the wild and observing the inner working of a different species , it's fair to say our anthropological research is on par with that of Jane Goodall.

Even more so, in fact, as I don't see Ms Goodall working multiple Strictly Ballroom references into her so called "extensive research".

"Dear Jane Goodall, I raise you one one stealth selfie with Boy George"- Laura Brodnik.

So next time you watch The Voice Australia (and you should, because it's a most excellent show) you can tell your Mum that you've got special insider knowledge of what really goes on behind the scenes.

You're welcome.

* The Secret Life of Stage Mums is not actually a real television show, but it should be.

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