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A child star and a Bachelorette: All the clues about the celebrities on The Masked Singer.

Tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for.

12 celebrities in elaborate and quite frankly – disturbing – costumes will perform on Channel 10’s new reality show, The Masked Singer.

Over the past couple of weeks, fans have shared their predictions about the show’s celebrity contestants on social media.

While their identities are still shrouded in mystery, we do know an ARIA Award winner, an MTV Award winner, a Logie Award winner, an Order of Australia winner, a World Cup winner and a Hall of Famer, are just a few of the celebrities who will be appearing.

This news has already elicited some very interesting guesses.

Most notably, when Ed Kavalee speculated Waleed Aly was the man behind the robot mask, during Channel 10’s The Project. 

Aly’s co-host Carrie Bickmore also pointed out that he was suspiciously absent from The Project around the same time The Masked Singer was filming.

Which led fans to believe the rumour.

Entertainment reporter Angela Bishop has also been named as one of the secret celebrities.

On Studio 10 last week, Sarah Harris seemed to let slip that her co-host is in fact the unicorn from the show.

During the segment, the Studio 10 team were talking about The Masked Singer when Sarah said: “We’ll have to get the office sweep, but you won’t be able to enter Angie because…” she trailed off.

After Angela asked why she couldn’t answer, Sarah admitted, “Well there’s a lot of talk about you being the old Unicorn”.

“You know too much!” said guest host Jan Fran.

Some also believe Bindi Irwin has set aside time from planning her wedding to appear on the show.


In the midst of all of this uncertainty, Osher has come through for us once again by releasing clues to help us identify five of the celebrity singers.

But because there’s nothing Osher loves more than keeping the nation guessing over a TV show, the clues he’s given us are a bit… cryptic. 

So, in preparation for Monday night’s premiere, we’ve compiled a very important list of all of the official clues that have been released so far.



masked singer australia contestants
Image: Channel 10.

Unicorn's identity has had us puzzled since the official clues were released over a week ago.

In the video hint, Unicorn reveals "I have been the princess, but never the queen", while bathing in red rose petals.


Unicorn is also seen singing Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love during her first performance. 

While Angela Bishop is heavily suspected to be hiding behind the mask, singer Deni Hines, is another celebrity rumoured to be the majestic creature.

Music writer Cameron Adams is just one person who confidently believes this theory.

But other fans suspect the rose petals in the video clip are synonymous with the Channel 10 franchise, The Bachelor, and believe we could see a former contestant return to our screens.

"It has to be @sophiemonk !!! She’s our pop princess and was our bachie babe (hence the rose petals)," one fan commented.

"Ali that was the Bachelorette. She has an amazing voice, plus the rose petals," wrote another.


masked singer australia contestants
Image: Channel 10.

In the promo clips, the lovable monster is heard belting out Aretha Franklin's Think.  

But while they might look bright and cheery on the outside, we've been told the Monster has a bit of a dark side.

"I'm split between two worlds with part of me living in the shadows," Monster reveals.

Very mysterious indeed.


masked singer australia contestants
Image: Channel 10.

In his video hint, Wolf is shown passing an AFL football and telling us "I'm not the big bad wolf, but I ain't little green riding hood either".

After hearing Wolf sing, Bradley Cooper's Shallow, Hughesy guesses the Wolf is AFL legend “big, bad, Barry Hall".

Others believe the clue "little green riding hood" could be referring to the celebrities last name.


But most fans are convinced Rob Mills is behind the creepy disguise.

Another fan agreed it was Mills on Instagram, saying "I still think it could be Rob Mills. He was in the musical wicked (green clue) and he’s from Melbourne and is linked to afl footy (afl footy clue)."

It seems like the sporting clue has us all stumped on this one


masked singer australia contestants
Image: Channel 10.

While Lion's identity may be concealed behind mystery and his mane, we do know that this celebrity became famous when they were young.

In the video hint, Lion reveals, "As a young Lion, I entered a competition that would change everything".

We also know Lion's first performance is Panic! At The Disco's High Hopes. 


masked singer australia contestants
Image: Channel 10

When this nightmare takes to stage, they sing Toxic, by Britney Spears.

In the video hint, Spider reveals, “I love to write. I am proud to say my words have gone all over the world”.

While Hughesy is confident Spider is Sia, fans believe Jessica Mauboy is the one hiding behind Spider's disturbing green eyes.

An article published in Daily Mail Australia earlier this month also suggests that Mauboy is Spider, but the singer seemed to shut down the rumours when she later spoke to E! News. 

As for the seven remaining characters, Alien, Rhino, Octopus, Robot, Dragon, Prawn and Parrot, we haven't heard any official clues about their identities yet.

Except for the fact that Hughesy thinks Dragon is Mel Gibson.

But we're thinking the American actor and filmmaker might be a tad outside Channel 10's budget. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Masked Singer will premiere on Channel Ten on Monday September 23, at 7:30pm.

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