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All the clues you may have missed in episode one of The Masked Singer Australia.

Last night The Masked Singer Australia – possibly the weirdest show we’ve ever watched – debuted on Channel Ten, and we’re 100 per cent here for it. 

Anything that includes a giant sexy robot, Osher, Lindsay Lohan and Gretel Killeen dressed as an octopus all in the one room – buy us the t-shirt, we’re sold.

Last night we got to de-mask Octopus who sang a sultry rendition of Fame by Irene Cara. With guesses like Lauren Eagle and Paulini, absolutely no one was expecting Gretel Killeen to pop out from underneath the mask.

Here is the Octopus’ performance (aka Gretel) Post continues after video.

Video via Ten

In an effort to help you keep on top of what the hell you just watched last night, we’ve collated all of the clues you might’ve missed about who is hiding under the remaining Unicorn/Alien/Wolf/Prawn/Robot heads.


Height: 183cm

Strength: sociable.

MAsked Singer Prawn
Who is Prawn? Image: Ten.

Prawn was all about the swagger, moving onto the stage with confidence and sass - even pinching Osher on the bum within seconds of standing in front of the judges.

This masked singer chose to be a prawn because it "doesn't take much for me to come out of my shell," telling the audience they "liked being in the public eye both here, in the UK and America".

Prawn then admitted to being a bit of a "lary lad" which the judges agreed was quite an English phrase to use.

The clues then showed Prawn with a soccer ball and an NFL ball, "some would say my choice of hobby is unusual but variety is the spice of life," said Prawn.

When Prawn grows up, it doesn't know what it wants to be "just don't put them in a cocktail - that's so 1970s".

The clues finish with Prawn saying they've "been in an arena like this before" showing an image of a stadium and people cheering in the background.

prawn masked singer
Prawn is no stranger to a stadium. Image: Ten.

Prawn's rendition of Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley was smooth, silky and gravelly with a touch of country.

During the song, Prawn looked directly at Danni adding her name into the song, "yes, Danni you know. I've never lied to you."

We know Prawn wasn't born in Australia because in response to Dannii's intrigue Prawn replied with, "my skin wasn't made for the hot Australian sun".


The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Jamie Oliver.

Jackie O: Brian McFadden.

Lindsay Lohan: Danny Cipriani.

Dave Hughes: Ed Sheeran.


Height: 155cm

Strength: resilience.

alien masked singer
Who is Alien? Image: Ten.

Alien chose its mask because people think they appeared out of nowhere, "But I trained for years to achieve my dream".

"As aliens should, I arrived in a stunning flash of lights and sound, it felt like the world's eyes were on me and for a time I truly loved the attention.

"I came in peace only wanting to please, but suddenly I was the one being probed. In the end it was too much for a young alien to bare," Alien revealed.

There were some visual clues as well, in one scene there were hula hoops in the background and a picture of the Spice Girls on the wall.

We were told by Osher to be looking out for clues everywhere. Image: Ten.

"I'm going to do my extraterrestrial best to spice things up," the alien concluded before taking the stage.

Singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga, Alien could bust a move and had a fantastic pop style voice.

In answer to the question, "Have you had a single on the Australian music chart," Alien replied, "When you pursue your dreams success will follow and a lot of heavy metal came my way".

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Nikki Webster.

Jackie O: Samantha Jade.

Lindsay Lohan: Bindi Irwin.

Dave Hughes: Angus Young.


Height: 182.8cm

Strength: determination.

masked singer robot
Who is robot? Image: Ten

This masked singer chose to be a robot because they were "created by the digital age".

We know that Robot is environmentally minded and cares about things like pollution and basically anything to do with the water.

"Growing up I was surrounded by gold and as a young robot my favourite animal was the butterfly, but now I prefer something that goes tweet," was the final cryptic clue Robot's clue package.

The robot loves the ocean. Image: Ten.

Singing Hold Back The River by James Bay, Robot's voice was arguably the best of the night, wowing the judges with some smooth dance moves to go with an incredible performance.

In answer to Lindsay's question, "Have you ever performed at the MTV Music Awards," Robot's cryptic reply was, "I've been to many award nights from a very early age".

"It felt great to go out there and sing anonymously," was the last little clue Robot dropped before going backstage.

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Matt Corby.

Jackie O: Troye Sivan.

Lindsay Lohan: Usher.

Dave Hughes: Conrad Sewell.


Height: 171cm


Strength: magical

unicorn masked singer
Who is unicorn? Image: Ten.

"Am I the unicorn, rare and mysterious? I think so," Unicorn declared before revealing that unicorn bloodlines go back through the ages.

This unicorn however has trotted their own path and gone their own way, but is always "aware of those who've gone before".

We learn that Unicorn is "incredibly social" and "has witnessed many miracles in my time".

While singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran, the judges were confused if Unicorn was male or female, but were confident it was an American celebrity.

The low octave and honey like vocals had the judges believing Unicorn was a trained singer.

It's been ruled out that Unicorn was from an American reality show. "That's not where my fame comes from, unicorns do not believe in taking shortcuts," was the reply to Dave Hughes' question.

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Deni Hines.

Jackie O: Kelly Osbourne.

Lindsay Lohan: Chris Lilley.

Dave Hughes: La Toya Jackson.


Height: 178cm

Strength: charming

wolf singer
Who is Wolf? Image: Ten.

Wolf says they chose this mask because they "have that reputation".

During the clue package we learn that Wolf is up all night and as a pup, was keen on sport. We see Wolf carrying an AFL football before admitting, "I know how to draw attention in a competition".

Wolf believes they're constantly being misjudged and underestimated, with the mask the chance Wolf needs to show what they can do without judgement.

"I've been an apprentice a couple of times," says Wolf while reading a book called Little Orange Riding Hood.

Is the book a clue? Image: Ten.

Wolf admits that singing isn't "My first trade, and you'll be surprised when this mask comes off".

After describing themselves as a triple threat Wolf breaks into Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain.

Not as classically trained as some of the other singers, Dave Hughes tells Wolf it wasn't the best performance of the night.

"I was known years before I was successful," Wolf answers when asked how long they've been famous for.

The guesses from the judges: 

Dannii Minogue: No one.

Jackie O: Jason Donovan or Blair McDonough.

Lindsay Lohan: Keith Urban.

Dave Hughes: Barry Hall.


A producer for Fox FM's Fifi, Fev & Byron show has done a bit of a whoopsie, tweeting a snap of himself with Wolf and tagging it @RobMillsyMills.

Who knows, he might just be trolling us - we had Millsy tipped to be Prawn.

This show is officially our new weird obsession, and it's on again tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.


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