Bizarre acceptance speeches and a missing celebrity: All the biggest moments from the 2023 Logies.

It's that time of the year again: Logies time! The 63rd TV Week Logie Awards took Sydney by storm tonight. 

Held at The Star, this year marks the first time the awards were held in Sydney since 1986. It was a night of getting back to basics, as comedian Sam Pang hosted solo, breaking the recent Logies trend of having a rotation of hosts throughout the night. 

And was that a success? It was! The night was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny during moments, which is a level up from past years that have been largely remembered for awkward banter and lacklustre jokes. 

Tonight was a real rollercoaster. From Sam's monologue to a messy musical guest, we've rounded up the biggest moments from the night. 

Sophie Monk came as a Logie, so just give her one already.

In 2022, Sophie Monk was made the face of the Logie Awards and in 2023, she's gone one step further and become an actual Logie statue. 

The former Bachelorette sizzled her way up the red carpet and Sophie Monk's campaign to win a Gold Logie next year starts NOW.

Sophie Monk at the 2023 Logies. Image: Getty. 


Shaun Micallef dressed like he was preparing for a Shakespearian duel. 

The Mad as Hell host was ready to wage war, turning up wearing a frilly lace shirt that would make Jerry Seinfeld proud. 

Shaun Micallef at the 2023 Logies. Image: Getty. 


Tony Armstrong and Abbie Chatfield served high-fashion looks.

Is this the Logies or the Met Gala? Tony Armstrong left every other man to ever grace this red carpet in disgrace after he debuted this incredible look.

Image: Getty.


Abbie Chatfield brought her A-game with this black sculpted number which is giving off some real Paris Fashion Week vibes. 

And I personally love her bringing a locally-designed accessory: comedian Dave Hughes. 

Image: Getty. 


Dream team Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James waved the MAFS flag.

The latest season of Married at First Sight was represented at the Logies by golden couple Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James, a couple who got together after the experiment. We also spotted 2023 contestants Tahnee Cook, Ollie Skelton, Claire Nomarhas, Rupert Bugden, Janelle Han and Sandy Jawanda walking the red carpet too. 

Melinda Willis and Layton Mills also made an appearance — yes, despite the odds, they still seem to be together.

Image: Getty.


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The Heartbreak High cast proved they're still cooler than us (we know, okay).

The teens from Hartley High understood the assignment with an array of bright and bold ensembles that left our jaws on the floor. 

Image: Getty.


Julia Morris brought an ingenious device with her in case she didn't win.

The Gold Logie nominee brought along a pair of glasses with tiny buckets attached to them to catch her tears "if it doesn't go my way," she said on the red carpet. 


Sam Pang's opening monologue was a relative success.

This opening monologue was not half bad, it was actually pretty great! 

The segment began with a video of Sam preparing for his solo hosting duties by consulting some of the old hosts. 

Rove McManus, Steve Vizard, and Andrew Denton all made an appearance, Wendy Harmer hid in a closet before Shaun Micallef helped Sam get ready and finally, he got a kiss from Patti Newton on his way on stage. 

It was a stellar start and it only got better. "Let's be honest it's just great to have an Asian on Channel 7 who isn't trying to smuggle live birds through security," Sam said in one of many jokes that received huge laughs. 

He then went through all the celebs asked to host before they had to settle with him, which he joked included: Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Tom Gleeson, Kitty Flanagan, Shaun Micallef, Celia Pacquola, Dave Hughes, and Sonia Kruger. 

"Then Rolf Harris died, and here I am." 

The monologue started strong but petered out towards the end. It got a little awkward when Sam took aim at the Married at First Sight cast which might have been a little too mean with the fruit a little too low hanging. 

A submarine joke also got more strained reactions than genuine laughter (a joke Sam himself made fun of later on in the show). 

That said, overall it was a much funnier monologue than most years.


Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer gave us a chaotic acceptance speech.

After accepting the award for Most Outstanding Comedy for Colin From Accounts, creators Harriet and Patrick gave a whirlwind of a speech.

Beginning with Harriet saying that her husband Patrick got the concierge to print out his speech, it ended with the two debating over the 'hotness' of the Binge series' two dogs. 

Something went wrong during Amy Shark's performance.

Amy Shark's performance went wrong about halfway through singing 'Can I Shower At Yours?'. The singer's mic pack started dropping soon after she mucked around with her drummer by covering his eyes.

It was unclear what was happening exactly but Amy couldn't sing for part of the song, but thankfully she quickly recovered. 

That's showbiz, baby!

Amy Shark won the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the 2023 Logies. Image: Getty. 


Ray Meagher wasn't in the room when Sam Pang did his dedication.

Host Sam Pang took a moment to celebrate Ray Meagher signing on for another five years of Home and Away.

However, as Sam spoke about Ray's impressive work on the long-running soap, the camera panned to Ray, but there was no Ray to be seen.

“I’m not going to lie. This probably would have been better if he was here,” Sam said.

The actor eventually sheepishly walked back into the room after the segment had ended. "Someone tell Ray where he is, please. Ray, you're at the Logies!" Sam shouted. 

Tony Armstrong won his second Logie award.

Tony beat the likes of Hamish Blake and Julia Morris to win the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter. The young presenter was shocked, as he was awarded the prestigious prize for his role in A Dog's World

"I truly didn't think this would happen," he said. "I'm a baby in Australian TV."

Tony then joked about getting a pay increase from his ABC boss for winning the award. "I told him on the off chance I won this, there would be a renegotiation. So mate, my agent's are calling."


Too right!

The win follows Tony receiving the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent in 2022.

Brian Walsh was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame.

Media titan Brian Walsh was honoured at the Logies, with Brian's impact on television in Australia spoken about by a host of Australian talent, including tributes from Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. 

The executive director of television at Foxtel passed away earlier this year.

The MasterChef Australia team paid tribute to Jock Zonfrillo.

MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites won the Logie for Most Popular Reality Program. 

As the show's presenters and creative team stood on stage, they thanked their viewers before paying tribute to the show's judge Jock Zonfrillo, who died in May of this year at the age of 46.

Before they left the Logies stage, the cast declared they were heading off to "celebrate Jock style.”

And the Gold Logie goes to...Sonia Kruger

And just before midnight, when it felt like the Logies might never end, Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, and Big Brother host Sonia Kruger won the coveted Gold Logie.

The 57-year-old star was nominated alongside Shaun Micallef, Osher Gunsberg, Julia Morris, Mark Coles Smith, Leigh Sales and Hamish Blake.

 Feature Image: Getty/The Seven Network