Just six very embarrassing moments from The Hills that never should have aired on TV.

When The Hills first graced our television screens on MTV in 2006, precisely nobody knew what they were in for.

Running for six seasons the “reality” television show centred on former Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad who moved to Los Angeles to study fashion, complete internships where she oddly always seemed to be standing forlornly next to clothes racks, and have smoldering bitch fights with her frenemies in sticky-looking nightclubs.

Six seasons and thirteen years on, The Hills remains truly iconic.

So much so that a reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings, is airing tomorrow.

“The Hills New Beginnings” Teaser. Post continues after video.

But as we anticipate the massacre that the reboot may very well be, it’s time to reflect on the wackiest and most unpredictable moments and storylines from the original show.

Let’s start with the storyline you’re all thinking about.

The finale expose.

Oh. Em. Gee.

We kind of suspected that The Hills might be scripted all along, but the series finale blew that entire ‘reality’ idea out of the water.

The final moment of the show featured stars Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner saying goodbye in front of the Hollywood sign. It was all very romantic and bittersweet…. until the camera panned out to reveal they were actually filming in a studio lot and Kristin dissolved into laughter.

The fourth wall came crashing down and fans were left wondering what the hell was going on with the entire show.

The mascara tear.


It happened in season four, but the iconic mascara tear from Lauren Conrad has lasted the ages.

So much so that it has been used in many a group chat when a friend is being… well… dramatic.

But why was she actually crying?

It was all due to the fact that she was having roommate drama with castmate Audrina Patridge over the fact that Audrina had forsaken her friends f0r an adult man named Justin Bobby.

It was all just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Spencer and Heidi’s wedding.

This was shocking in a completely different way.

We just DIDN’T believe, after all the fights and the family feuds,  that Heidi and Spencer were ever going to make it down the aisle.


It was painful to watch at the time since their wedding was marred with a whole lot of drama, but in a weird twist of fate, the volatile couple are still together to this day and have a young son named Gunner.


Whitney tripping on national television.

In season two, Whitney Port was thrilled to be appearing on Good Morning America while interning for Teen Vogue. 

What a privilege!

At least until she… tripped over on national television.

the hills reboot

It was incredible.

Lauren choosing Jason over spending the summer in Paris for her career.

If there was a Venn diagram for The Hills fans and feminists, there might not be an overwhelming overlap in this case.

But literally every person watching the season one finale cringed at Lauren Conrad's decision to stay with JASON (of all men) instead of spending the summer in Paris to expand her horizons and allow her career to flourish.

"Choose your career" we all screamed at the television.

But alas, she did not.

Heidi and Lauren Conrad's fight.

Lauren Conrad knows her way around a cat fight. But it was the iconic fight between Heidi and Lauren in season three that we will never forget, mostly because it was one of the most cringe-worthy moments ever captured for TV.

It all played out on TV because Lauren believed that Heidie and her then-boyfriend Spencer had started a rumour about her filming a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend and the rumour had reached her parents.

Following a screaming match in a nightclub, the two sat down to hash out their feelings and the scene ended with Lauren saying the iconic (and definitely written by a producer) line "I want to forgive you and I want to forget you".

With The Hills: New Beginnings starting tomorrow, we're sure there will be plenty more... memorable moments.

The Hills: New Beginnings will make debut in Australia on Monday, June 25 on Foxtel, Foxtel Now and Fetch.