'I can't stop sobbing.' The Dog House is the most wholesome show on TV right now.

Hi, I'm Emma, and I love dogs. A lot. 

If I see a dog in someone's dating profile, I'm about 85 per cent more likely to swipe right.

My other interests include: reality television, crying to heartwarming videos online, and success stories. That's where The Dog House comes in.

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A few weeks ago, Channel Ten dropped a brand new series that gives us an insight into the Animal Welfare League, a pet rescue in Western Sydney.

We're four weeks into The Dog House, and so far we've seen 12 dogs find their fur-ever homes with plenty more to come, thank you very much. 

So, we thought we'd do a little wrap up of what we've seen so far with the hopes of encouraging you to tune in (or if you're already a fan, reminisce with us, please).

The show kicks off with a Dr Chris Brown voiceover introducing us to its premise. 


In essence, "dedicated animal champions rescue the orphaned and abandoned, and work tirelessly to making the perfect love match."

"They're not broken, they don't need fixing, they just need love," one of the staff says, and I'm crying already, okay?

Very quickly, we've fallen in love with the heroes that are the Animal Welfare League's staff.

*Side note: Is this not the perfect sense check of a human? Not the way they treat servers, but the way they treat dogs. If you work at the AWL hit me up, because I'd love to buy you a beer. 

As they say themselves: "It's not a high-paying job, it's not something you do to build a mansion, it's something you do because you're passionate."

... And there's truly nothing better than finding a show about good people doing good things. Believe us, we know how hard it can be.

We get a taste of it in episode four when we meet 83-year-old Wendy, who was looking for a dog to share with the residents of her care home. 

Accompanied by her carer, Sumi, Wendy spoke to the matchmakers about finding a calm and cuddly dog to take home to her husband Keith, who was too sick to join her at the AWL.

"My husband isn't with me today, because he's very unwell," she said. 

"We haven't for ten years been able to have an animal, and this will be something that's very special to both of us."

The matchmakers of course took all of Wendy's wishes into consideration, pairing her with "gentle soul", Jack. 

Let's cut all the will they, won't they (you've got the show for that!)... They fell in love and returned home to Keith who was oh so happy to meet his new best friend.

"Jack has definitely made a difference in Keith's wellbeing," Sumi said.

"He's more up and about, he's more engaged in taking care of Jack so it has been very positive."

*I'm sobbing right now.*

Name something better than bringing old people joy by giving them a friend for life. I'll wait. Image: Ten.


The best thing about The Dog House is, it's heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once.

We get to see dogs meet their new forever families right before we watch people surrender their dogs to the rescue. It's hard to watch, but that's exactly why we should.

What's usually only witnessed by our aforementioned shelter heroes is touching people around Australia, and it's opening many to the possibility of adopting rescue animals as shelter manager, Sam March told 10 play.

“Since The Dog House has started, we've had a lot more people call through and we’ve been booked out week by week for adoption, which has been great because that's brand awareness and it's getting more animals homes," he said.

"The more we can bring home, the more animals we can save."

The Dog House Australia is essential viewing. It will reduce you to a blubbering mess, but it will also make you cuddle your dog a little tighter... Or get you to go and adopt one ASAP.  And that's a cause we can absolutely get behind.

You can watch The Dog House Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and Ten Play. 

Feature Image: Instagram / @thedoghouseau

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