A very important investigation into who the heck Dr Chris Brown is actually dating.

Dr Chris Brown is a very, very busy man.

Not only does he host multiple TV shows and look after multiple sick animals as a vet, but he is also dating multiple people. Apparently.

If tabloid publications are to be believed, the 41-year-old is currently on a bit of a ‘dating rampage’. Whether he knows it or not, he’s had relations with everyone from Jackie O to Tziporah Malkah in recent months. Maybe even you.

Oh, he’s also found time to get a ‘secret lockdown girlfriend’. Must’ve been after he was rushed to hospital with a burnt cornea in March.

We digress.

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For some reason (that might have a lot to do with his face and him always holding animals), Australia seems to be really bloody interested in Dr Chris Brown’s dating life. So much so, there’s a years-old campaign to see him become our next Bachelor.

So, we decided to conduct a very important and serious investigation into who the man is actually dating right now. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Dr Chris Brown and Brooke Meredith?


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We’ll start with Dr Chris Brown’s alleged ‘secret lockdown girlfriend’ – model, entrepreneur and A Conscious Collection founder Brooke Meredith.

Apparently, the ‘couple’ are self-isolating together in the vet’s $5.8 million Clovelly home. The proof? A photo published by Woman’s Day magazine on April 20 of them at Bunnings over the weekend. To be fair, this is where we’d take our secret lockdown partner, too.


According to an onlooker, “they looked very much like a couple” as they wandered the aisles buying up brooms and mops. Romantic.

Another piece of evidence they’re dating, lies in the comments on Dr Chris Brown’s most recent Instagram post. “Yewwww!!” Brooke wrote on a photo of Dr Chris getting ready for a video call, and we all know no one would write ‘yew’ with four W’s on someone’s post unless they’re in a relationship with them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s literally all we know. So it must be true? Even though neither Dr Chris nor Brooke have commented?

Dr Chris Brown and Jackie O?


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On April 13, news broke Dr Chris Brown is allegedly dating media personality Jackie O. And how do we know this? Because he lives in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and so does she. Obviously.

“Word is they’ve been hanging out in Bondi,” an insider told New Idea magazine, in what we imagine was a scene straight out of a black and white mob film. This unnamed source even went as far as to say the coronavirus global pandemic has been a “blessing in disguise” for the ‘couple’, which definitely does not sound like something neither Dr Chris Brown nor Jackie O would say.

Jackie O has denied the rumours she’s dating the celebrity vet on her radio show, KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“Yeah, I read that too. No, that’s not true, Kyle,” she told co-host Kyle Sandilands when he asked if the rumours are true.

“No secret relationship with Chris Brown. I don’t even have his number. I don’t really know Chris Brown that well. I don’t know why [magazines] keep saying that. This isn’t the first time they’ve said that.”

Case. Closed.

Dr Chris Brown and Liv Phyland?


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Before Jackie O and Brooke Meredith, Dr Chris Brown and television presenter Liv Phyland reportedly dated for a year from late 2018.

At 2019’s Melbourne Cup in November, Liv told Woman’s Day they were still “really good friends”.

Dr Chris Brown and Tziporah Malkah?


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Apparently, Dr Chris Brown’s relationship with former model and I’m A Celeb contestant Tziporah Malkah was “one of showbiz’s best kept secrets”.

In 2019, New Idea reported their close friendship had developed into “something more” after they… stood next to each other at an airport.

Yep. Really.

Dr Chris Brown’s other previous girlfriends.


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Before dating Liv Phyland, Dr Chris Brown reportedly dated Weekend Today Executive Producer Kendall Bora for two years.

He was also previously linked to Bondi-based project manager Hannah Thomas, and he dated Home and Away actress Kassandra Clementi in 2014.

But what about Dr Chris Brown becoming The Bachelor?

There have been persistent rumours Dr Chris Brown might one day accept an offer to become The Bachelor since September, 2018. And yet, it still hasn’t happened, which is a pretty good indication it likely never will.

Dr Chris has always been extremely private regarding his personal life, and going on the telly to find love kind of goes against that completely.

“I’ve never been that guy going around boasting, especially about who I’m dating,” he told TV Week in February, 2018.

He added that the people closest to him “know everything going on”, while everyone else is only able to “speculate”.

In conclusion, it is unclear who Dr Chris Brown is actually dating right now. What we do know is, even if he is seeing someone, he probably wouldn’t tell any of us anyway.

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Why do you think tabloids are so obsessed with Dr Chris Brown’s love life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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