The Block contestants have been torn apart all because of one team's unusual proposition.

Any sign of friendship between The Block teams came crashing down last night, all thanks to a pool.

Well, a wannabe pool.

On Monday night’s episode Norm and Jess revealed their plans for installing a pool on the terrace of their penthouse apartment.

But they needed to reinforce the area with steel which required access to the lower apartment, and uh, downstairs neighbours Courtney and Hans were not too keen on that.

Norm and Jess offered Courtney and Hans $2000 for access, but Courtney and Hans were weary and suggested a body corporate vote. They believed saying yes to the pool would be giving away any chance of winning the show.

They shared this reluctance to give the pool the approval it needed with Norm and Jess, who kept repeating “that’s so fine,” over and over.

But it wasn’t so fine.

“I feel a bit betrayed,” Jess said after the confrontation. “I can’t believe it.”

Norm and Jess had asked their neighbours to keep it a secret and well… they didn’t. Courtney and Hans consulted Sara and Hayden who were brutally honest, as to be expected.

“Just say no, no!” said Sara.

Sara and Hayden also shared the news with Kerrie and Spence who just really didn’t care, but suddenly nearly everyone on The Block knew of the plan.

Courtney and Hans were upset at the likely end of their friendship with Norm and Jess.

“This is f*cking awful,” Courtney cried. “We’re awful people because it’s on us.”

“We don’t go out of our way to hurt people or be competitive ever, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Jess and Norm were SUPER stoked with their alternative plan to get a pool. Image: Channel 9.
Jess and Norm were SUPER stoked with their alternative plan to get a pool. Image: Channel 9.

Their friendships may be down the drain, but Norm and Jess were determined to still put in their pool.

With help from their engineer Doug the couple developed plans to add steel to their concrete base to support the pool without needing Courtney and Hans' help... and they were very pleased with themselves.