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Major delays and producers are 'struggling': All The Block 2024 gossip in one place.

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The Block 2023 had everything — high-stakes auctions, friendship fallouts, behind-the-scenes drama and beautiful room reveals galore.

Unfortunately, it didn't exactly pan out to be Australia's favourite season of the reality renovation series and in the end, Leah and Ash walked away without their home selling, and Kristy and Brett had a disappointing outcome with only a $65,000 profit.

As for Steph and Gian, they made Block history when their Japandi-style home for $5 million securing the pair $1.65 million in profit thanks to formerly dubbed "dummy bidder" Adrian Portelli

Eliza and Liberty also made a whole lotta cash thanks to Portelli, who bought their house for $4.3 million, meaning the pair took home a little over $1 million in profit.

Kyle and Leslie's profit was not as impressive but they did sell their place for $3 million, making $130,000 thanks to... you guessed it, Portelli.

Watch Steph and Gian talking about their win on The Block 2023. Post continues after video. 

Video via Nine.

Now, it looks like The Block 2024 is well underway for its milestone 20th season and that can only mean more drama, more renovations and more high-stakes weekly room reveals.

Here's everything we know about The Block 2024. 

The Block 2024 has been delayed severely.

Not all is well in Block land.

It might be the milestone season for the reality renovation series, but it's been a slow start according to reports from Yahoo Australia. 

Why, you ask? A last-minute location change, an unfamiliar new format and a... lack of applications for people to actually compete on the show.

The Block was set to begin filming earlier this month so that contestants could renovate in warmer weather (finally!), but it doesn't seem like that plan will come to fruition. 

"The show has needed to reset and for many reasons involving the location and casting of the 2024 series, The Block will be filmed at the same time as last year," an insider told the publication, adding the decision has "ruffled" a few feathers behind-the-scenes.

"There had been some promises made to crew about the conditions on set being improved and these delays have affected that promise."

Now, the whole point of filming earlier in the year was to make life easier for The Block's crew and contestants, as carrying out the series in the middle of winter "created many obstacles".


"The mud issue in 2022 while filming the Tree Change season had many long-standing crew members questioning if they could survive a similar shoot if the show returned to a similar climate," the insider said.

"So when the locations being sourced were Daylesford, Phillip Island and Yarra Valley, it was a relief to hear the schedule had been moved forward to a January/February start date to avoid the bitterly cold months."

The Block has relocated following complaints. 

Season 20's surprising new format means that The Block isn't just going rural – it's going resort-style.

Well, now it is... after a whole lot of drama.

According to reports, the new season was meant to be filmed in Daylesford, a little country town in Victoria. But following complaints from the locals and permit issues, the series had to relocate to Phillip Island.... where Channel Nine bought a HOLIDAY RESORT. 

According to Yahoo Australiaa snazzy little plot of land called the Island Cove Villas was bought out by Channel Nine for $9.5 million. 

It's thought to be an oasis – a home away from home. But it's a huge parcel of land, and it looks like there might have to be eight teams this year, instead of the usual five.


However, everything about where or who is going to be on The Block are just rumours at this stage, as Channel 9 is remaining as tight-lipped as ever.

"The word on the street is that Channel Nine want to live up to their annual threat of being 'the biggest Block ever', and if they have eight teams then that very well might be the case," the insider said.

"However, there would need [to be] some pretty engaging personalities not to confuse viewers if the show was to add three teams to the mix."

It's a struggle to find contestants for The Block 2024.

This season is proving a difficult one for Channel 9, apparently, as it seems like casting for contestants on the reality show was extended for months longer than expected in late 2023.

A source said the casting director, Lucky Price, was "really struggling" to find the right personalities to live up to the calibre of contestants from 2023.

"They certainly haven't locked in the cast yet or decided if they are going to bring back some old faces with some new," the source reported. 

"The delays are very real but at the end of the day, the show was always locked into screen after the Olympics."

Feature Image: Nine. 

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