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Everything we know about the winners of The Block 2023.

Time to pop on your hard hats, ladies and gentlemen, because The Block is back! 

And we all know what that means – Blockheads are rejoicing everywhere as the new season gears up to deliver renovation magic like we've never seen before.

Yep, this year we will be travelling all the way back to the 1950s for a mid century-inspired build and we simply cannot wait.

“The Block 2023 offers more twists, turns and curve-balls than ever before,” promised beloved host Scott Cam.

This year we will be heading to the charming Bayside area of Melbourne with five teams, as they create homes that will have potential buyers weak at the knees. Our teams will first need to overcome the structural issues, extreme weather events and a pile of demolition projects if they have any hope of completing their homes and winning.

Since the show began back in 2003, The Block quickly became Australia’s most generous reality program and has awarded a total of $32,592,807.65 in prize money over the years.

Travelling back in time is not the only new and interesting thing about the season. We will also be welcoming a brand new face to the elite judging panel – Marty Fox, a real estate guru who has attended Block auctions in the past.

Watch a snippet from The Block previous year's auctions. Story continues after video.

Video via Channel 9.

So in anticipation of the show's premiere and the season finale, let's share with you the top three teams to keep a close eye on this season. 

Will it be Gian and Steph from The Block?

Image:: Channel 9.

This couple are a seriously tough pair to beat. With architect and business owner Steph's design skills, accompanied by her partner Gian's financial literacy, the pair will surely give the other contestants a run for their money.


Although much of their build is still under wraps, we can expect some methodically crafted rooms that are well within budget – but what we cannot guarantee is that time will be on their side. 

Will it be Eliza and Liberty from The Block?

Image: Channel 9.

Our sister duo have already begun inspiring women ubiquitously to pick up the tools and consider auditioning for The Block.

Management is this team's specialty, with Personal Assistant Eliza proving she's able to juggle a million things at once, along with sister Liberty, who works as an Integration Producer, carrying out a wide range of projects and delivering on tight deadlines.


Will it be Leah and Ash from The Block?

Image: Channel Nine.

Watch out Blockheads this husband and wife team means serious business, after just renovating the very home they live in.

Representing the sunny state of Queensland, family man Ash owns his very own building company, so it's safe to say he knows his way around a hammer.

Meanwhile, partner Leah has a passion for design and building and can see herself shining in that department.

Together this pair will incorporate their building expertise, along with their keen eye for styling to create a modern art déco home of their dreams. 

Want to know who wins The Block 2023? Check back in to make sure you don't miss a single beat.

Image: Channel 9.

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