All the best and most outrageous outfits from Sex and the City.

Sex and the City was iconic, not only for breaking stigmas about female sexuality but for changing the way women all around the world perceive “Fashun.” While at times the outfits were seriously stylish, the sartorial choices were occasionally a bit left of field. But that’s why we loved them.

We’ve put together the best outfits in Sex and the City, just in case you want to take a trip back to the 90’s.

Carrie Bradshaw in Paris.

Paris was a chic time for Carrie Bradshaw. Image: HBO
There is nothing more dramatic than running through the streets in Tulle. Image: HBO.
Polka dots are very French. Image: HBO.
This scene was in New York. But that Beret screams Paris. Image: HBO

The brightest. 

The brighter, the better. Image: HBO
Bright is an understatement. Image: HBO
Green with envy? Image: HBO
Floral delight. Image: HBO.
Carrie Bradshaw was clashing patterns and colours before it was cool. Image: HBO.

The most... out there. 

Carrie... you are the only woman who can pull of a Sunbrella. Image: HBO.
Why find a prince when you can wear a crown anyway? Image: HBO.
This hat is pure 90's gold. Image: HBO.
Miranda's outfit is... Well it was the 90's so we love it. Image: HBO
Carrie not only wrote the news, but wore it too. Amazing. Image: HBO.
There is nothing quite like some tailored pants with a matching vest. Image: HBO
Nobody will ever forget the iconic tutu from the opening credits. Image: HBO.
SATC carrie
Is Carrie fur real? A fur coat this extra is unbeatable. Image: HBO
Sometimes a girl has got to choose between pants and a hat, and Carrie had to make sure she was sunsafe. Image: HBO
This belt has zero purpose and we love it. Image: HBO.
When Mr. Big needed surgery, Carrie was there to nurse him back to health. AMAZING. Image: HBO.
Knee length denim shorts and heels is a 90's dream. Image: HBO.
Nothing says Carrie Bradshaw in the Hamptons like midriff and a cowboy hat. Image: HBO.
This skirt is bigger than Mr Big. YES. Image: HBO.

The most fierce.

Did Carrie Bradshaw just speckled gold us? Image: HBO
When Charlotte gathered up the strength to go to Brady's 1st birthday party, everyone cried happy tears. Image: HBO.
Samantha can and will wear a two piece blue ensemble if she wants to. Image: HBO.

And finally, the most stylish. 

This outfit is still amazing. Image: HBO.
This wrap dress was amazing... Until Carrie fell into the river with Mr Big. Which was also amazing. Image: HBO.
I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat. Image: HBO.
Nothing completes an outfit like a purple flower. Image: HBO.