Sex and the City season one predicted exactly what you're wearing today.

I was watching a midday rerun of Sex and the City the other day when I noticed Carrie’s slinky, silk dress.

How nice, I thought.

Then I noticed the silk slip showing up in my Instagram feed, the items hanging on my clothes rack and what my friend beside me was wearing.


I spent the rest of the episode counting how many 2017 trends were in this one episode and soon I realised something truly terrifying: SATC predicted our wardrobes almost twenty years ago.

Silk slips, kimonos, wrap dresses, one shoulder, no shoulder, the female suit, the vintage band tee, tartan.


Get ready to feel about as original as a sandwich.

(Source: HBO/Instagram)

The Over-Sized Coat.

Carrie wore this over-sized coat in season one, episode one, airing in 1998. Kim Kardashian wore her over-sized coat in October 2016.

(Source: HBO/Realisation Par.)

The Wrap Dress.

Carrie wore her wrap-dress in one of the first scenes of season one, episode one, airing in 1998. Wrap dresses have been a 2016/2017 summer staple of various labels. The wrap on the right is the Valentina dress by Realisation Par.

(Source: HBO/Getty)

The Female Suit.

Miranda wore this classic suit in season one, episode four, airing in 1998. Actress Evan Rachel Wood wore a similar look just this week at the 2017 Golden Globes. Feminine, flawless, chic.

(Source: HBO/Channel 10)

Off The Shoulder AND Tartan.

Carrie wore this tartan tube piece in season one, episode five, airing 1998. Georgia Love wore approximately 12 off the shoulder tops in last year's The Bachelorette. Yes. 12.

Tartan has been vibing as a trend for a long, long time.

(Source: HBO/Instagram @pepamack.)

The Silk Slip Dress.

Carrie wore at least three different silk slip dresses in season one alone. The beauty pictured above was worn during season one, episode six, airing 1998. The image on the right is a recent image of stylish blogger Petra, @pepamack.

(Source: HBO/Instagram @kendalljenner.)

The Spaghetti Strap.

Spaghetti straps (and hello cameo of another off the shoulder top by Samantha) were worn throughout season one by Carrie. The dress seen here debuted in season one, episode five, airing in 1998.

The image on the right is a picture of spaghetti strapped Kendall Jenner posted in late November 2016.

(Source: HBO.)

The Kimono.

It was one of the bravest trends to hit the mainstream last year but HEY, Carrie was rocking it almost 20 years ago.

Not so edgy now, are you?

Carrie wore the kimono in season one, episode five, airing in 1998. The image on the right is from Girls when Jessa is strolling about in one of her many kimonos.

(Source: HBO/Instagram @pepamack)

The Vintage Band Tee.

Carrie wore a couple of vintage tops throughout the SATC seasons but this classic David Bowie number was chosen for season one, episode eleven, airing in 1998.

The right image is a January 2017 post by fashion blogger Petra, @pepamack.

(Source: HBO/Instagram @becjudd)

The One Shoulder.

Carrie rocked the bold one shoulder look in season one, episode four, airing in 1998.

Channel 9 presenter Rebecca Judd wore a one shoulder Jets one piece at the beginning of 2017.

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