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Wanna snoop each of The Bachelors on social media? Here's Wesley Senna Cortes' Instagram.

The Bachelors is back for another season – which means another threesome (no, not like that) is on the prowl for love.

Yep, that's right, this will be the second time the series welcomes not one, not two, but three eligible bachelors on their quest to find ever-lasting love.

Earlier this month Channel 10 announced who exactly the three men would be: Ben Waddel, model and entrepreneur, Luke Bateman, an ex-NRL football player and Wesley Senna Cortes, a Brazilian student turned influencer.

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Video via Columbia Pictures.

So in anticipation of the new series, we've been doing a little snooping so you can get to know the dudes better.

Let us introduce you to Wesley Senna Cortes – the actor, influencer, student and model.

According to the Brazilian's TheRight.Fit profile, Wesley is a seasoned actor, that has received coaching from esteemed industry directors and is confident that he's always able to deliver an engaging performance. 

Will this be this Bachelors greatest performance to date? That's yet to be seen, but it's safe to say we're tuning in to see.


So, if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of what this bachelor gets up to, you can find him here: @wesleysenna

Unfortunately, Ben still has his account on private, but no doubt this will go public again as we edge closer to The Bachelors' premiere.

Until then, let us present to you another modelling picture of the Brazilian bachelor.

Image: TheRight.Fit.

 Check back in shortly to stay in the loop of all things Wesley related.

Image: TheRight.Fit.