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The Bachelors ending everyone saw coming... except one of the bachelors.

The Bachelors has arrived at its conclusion — and yes, that show has been airing all this time. 

In fact, the finale was on last night. 

Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman have chosen their forever love (aka three-month contractual girlfriend) from their final selection of women, well kinda. 

Former NRL player Luke found his match in Ellie, who despite getting out of the limousine first (plot twist??) was chosen by Luke over Lana.

"This is hard for me to say, but I've lied to you. I haven't been honest with you and it's been tearing me up inside," Luke told Ellie. 

"I once told you that I've only ever felt this way towards someone twice in my life, I now realise that was a lie. Ellie, I've never felt the way I do for you, for anyone else."

Ellie and Luke in the finale. Image: 10Play. 


Luke wrote a glowing post on Instagram about his new girlfriend. 

"From the very first moment I met Ellie her presence shifted something within me and I knew instantly she was beyond special and my life would never be the same again," he posted. 

"The love that grew between us on the show and continues to grow now, is nothing short of magical and once in a lifetime... She makes life more vivid and meaningful to everyone she encounters and I am so profoundly blessed to have met and be loved by such a beautiful human."

Okay, that's a bit cute! But it's not all happy news for our trio of men. 

Model and influencer Ben chose longtime fan favourite Mckenna instead of Angela in the finale, however, the two have already announced they've since split.

"It is with sadness that I share things with myself and Mckenna didn’t work out the way we had hoped. In the end the distance was difficult; we both had extended commitments overseas in different times zones, which was challenging," he wrote.


"Mckenna is a bright, vibrant and truly incredible person. I’m so lucky I got to meet her and spend some quality time together. We are still great friends and I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for her."

Ben and Mckenna in the finale. Image: 10Play.

Mckenna shared a separate post, telling her followers "While distance and communication over the last few months prevented us from exploring our romantic connection and Ben and I aren’t together, we are still in contact as friends and I only want the best for him." 


Then there was Wesley, who only had one woman to choose from in the finale: Brea.

The 33-year-old Brazilian-born has already told the 25-year-old mining administrator that he wanted their relationship to become exclusive. Yay for Brea but boo for his remaining two women, Nella and Natalie, who were sent packing one week out from the finale.

On last night's final rose ceremony, Wes seemed keen to continue their relationship, telling Brea, "If you are willing, I'd love for this relationship to be one that defies the odds," he said, before asking "Brea, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

But Brea rejected Wes, telling him "You make me smile from ear to ear, but that's not enough for me right now," she said. "I've been seeing excuses and I haven't been seeing solutions for us from your end. I don't want to start a relationship on the foundation that I am compromising everything that is important to me in a relationship."

She finished her speech by saying "I am not closing the door on us, in fact, it's very much wide open," she said, but Wes returned serve by replying, "I appreciate you keeping the door open, but for my own sake, I'm closing the door."

Following her departure, Brea said to camera: "I've never stood up for myself before and put my needs before someone else's. I'm proud that I did that."


"I just wish that it could have gone a different way. But I haven't left empty-handed; I have a newfound confidence in myself. If someone doesn't understand what my needs are, and doesn't want to listen to what my needs are, then that person's not for me."

"He's a really great guy and I really do like him, which is why it's been so hard. But I do choose me," Brea added.

Wes and Brea haven't reconciled in the months since filming ended. This awkward finale moment caps off their unconventional The Bachelor love story. 

Wesley fell quickly for Brea on night one because she's, errr... clumsy. 

“I love how clumsy you are and I think you’re beautiful and I think the spark was something that kept on growing," he told her this week. "So, from now on, I would actually love to just focus on you." 

Brea readily agreed for the two to become exclusive because, well... what else could she say? 

That's a yikes from me. It reminded me of a guy I went on four dates with changing his relationship status to 'in a relationship' with me on Facebook. Slow down, buddy. 

'Let's go Facebook official. Also... what is your surname?' Image: 10Play.


This is The Bachelors. It's not Married at First Sight. The whole purpose is to date multiple people. 

Wes and Brea's love story has been quite different from the steamy scenes we've become accustomed to in earlier seasons. There will be no chocolate baths, as on one of their first dates, he informed her that he was a virgin. 

“I never saw myself as being a one-night stand guy and as a matter of fact, I’ve never had sex,” he said.

“You’ve never had sex?” she replied, before offering an unenthused “Awwwwww!”


But the plot thickens. 

On an overnight date, Brea was informed she would be sleeping in a separate room to Wes, as he follows a religious view that sex (and I guess even a gentle spooning?) should only happen after marriage. He also wants to wait until marriage to move in with a partner.

“It’s almost comical because there is a bit of a dampener on the mood," Brea said in her confessional. “Right now, this is not a good start.” 

While Brea described herself as “a very sexual person,” Wes has no plans of sharing a bed with his newly exclusive girlfriend. On the latest episode, she met Wes’s step mum Baby, who backed up her son's views. 

“Living together, spending the night together doesn’t mean that you’re going to get to know someone better,” she told Brea. “Everyone is pressuring him to lower his standards, and it doesn’t work like that.”

And as it turns out, it didn't work at all. RIP Wesley and Brea. 

Feature image: 10Play. 

This article was originally published on December 20, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

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