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3 men will be looking for love on The Bachelors Australia 2022. Here's what we know about them.

For the past week, there have been rumours that The Bachelor Australia would be getting a massive revamp.

Initially, it was revealed by Megan Pustetto on So Dramatic! that we would be getting two Bachelors this season, and perhaps no Bachelorette.

And then reports came out that we may be getting another Bachelor added to the mix. Because why have two, when you can have three...

On Monday Network 10 told us to expect an update on The Bachelor Australia. And on The Project, they cleared up all the rumours and actually confirmed the news to be true - we will be getting three for the price of one for its tenth season, airing later this year. 

Say goodbye to The Bachelor and hello to The Bachelors

We'll be getting three times the love and three times the drama. But whether we will be getting three times the ladies 'vying for their love' - we have to wait and see.

On The Project, Osher said, "It's our tenth season of The Bachelor Australia, so we're so excited. We're doing a world first. No one else has ever had three Bachelors, and so therefore the way it works and the way everyone gets to know each other is very different this year, but you will see that as we go!"

Of course, reality TV news sites such as The Wash had already spotted many of the dates taking place recently, with filming having already begun on the Gold Coast. 

"It's already been fascinating. We've been going for a little while now. Not only did we have to go to head office to say 'can we have three Bachelors?' - that was easy. But we want to do it without candles and without fairy lights - that was a meeting we had to get."


No candles and no fairy lights? Groundbreaking.

Watch: But remember when we had two Bachelorettes? Post continues below.

Video via Network 10.

Without further ado, let's meet our three new Bachelors.

The Bachelors Australia 2022: Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh.

Felix is a pro basketballer, Thomas is a former restaurant manager turned fitness icon and Jed is a drummer/musician.

When asked by Peter Helliar why he decided to go on The Bachelor, Felix (basketballer) gave the most perfect cookie-cutter response you could ask for in a sports reporter voice. 

"I wanted to jump in because I think I might have been born ten years too late, I don't use the dating apps, I'm not big on social media, I like talking to people face-to-face and we have no shortage of that [on The Bachelor]. So I'm really just enjoying having proper, one-on-one time and dates and getting to know people rather than just the Instagram DMs and all that stuff."

Jed - but we must refer to him as Machine Jed Kelly because wow the similarities are uncanny - was then asked if he would be relying on a kick-a** drum solo to woo the ladies.

"I don't know - it is one way to break the ice, but when you're standing next to two of the biggest and best-looking blokes in Australia, I need to pull something out of me (yep he said me) pocket," he said.

As for Thomas - who has a phenomenal Italian accent - he said he's still getting to know the ladies, but it's on the right track.

"I expect things to get a little bit more loose and hotter in the coming weeks and maybe even more romantic."


From left to right - Felix, Jed and Thomas. Image:  Network 10.   


It's a big shakeup for the franchise, and it comes after the show struggled with ratings in Jimmy Nicholson's 2021 season, along with Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette.

As for what the season properly has in store for us, who knows?

So Dramatic reported there will be no red carpet, just first dates, with the source saying the suitors get to decide on where the date will be and what they will be doing together, and they can choose to go anywhere in the country.

In what perhaps is the best news for series, the new season of The Bachelors will apparently be introducing a popular US franchise addition - the fantasy suite, where the final three female contestants often get the chance to stay the night with the Bachelor. And with that in mind, sex is often on the cards - which does great things for reality television.

Right now, all three men's Instagram accounts are on private, but once they've been presumably deep cleaned by producers, they'll be good to go. 


Something to point out, however, is the fact there have been calls for The Bachelor Australia franchise to be more diverse with their casting. Brooke Blurton's season was great in its representation of First Nations People and the LGBTQIA+ community.

And given there isn't much diversity among these three men, we'll have to wait and see how audiences react to that.

Here's what the reaction has been so far on Twitter:


Let the games begin!

Feature Image: Network 10.

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