The Bachelor's Romy has detailed what we didn't see happen when she hopped in Nick's swag.

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By now it’s pretty clear that Romy doesn’t mind stirring up bit of drama in this season of The Bachelor.

And that includes sneaking into Nick’s swag on a group camping trip for a bit of extra one-on-one time with all the other bachelorettes just metres away.

The pair were heard giggling by Cass which made her a lot little uncomfortable.

Cass Wood
"What. Happened. In. The. Swag. Nick."

Speaking to TV Week, Romy insisted the swag visit was all the Honey Badger's idea.

"It was time for bed and Nick motioned for me to come into his swag," she said.

"He wanted a snuggle. It was really harmless, we just had a cuddle and a giggle and looked at the stars. It was really cute. He gave me a kiss goodnight as I was leaving, but it wasn't a full-on pash or anything."

She revealed to WHO last week that they had enjoyed a few wines and were looking at the stars through the swag's mesh top.

Romy has confessed that she is totally okay with being labelled this year's villian.

"I'll speak out if something annoys me," she told TV Week. "If that makes me the villain, then fine, I'm the villain. I'm not nasty, just honest, and people in the house and watching at home can take that however they like. I'm OK with that."