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A "winners edit" and a wild card: Exactly who will be in The Bachelor 2021 final three.

Friends, The Bachelor is back. And honestly, it couldn't come at a better time.

With three cities and three regional towns in lockdown, and everyone across Australia exhausted by the news cycle, it seems only fitting to cuddle up on the couch and tune into the greatest distraction: 23 grown women vying (fighting*) for the heart of 31-year-old Sydney pilot Jimmy Nicholson

Watch the trailer for the news season of The Bachelor. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 10.

Last night, during the first episode, we were introduced to our main man Jimmy and this year's contestants. We lost two during the rose ceremony, learned who might be there for the "wrong reasons", and decided on this year's top three.

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Every year, there are a few dead giveaways that suggest who will win The Bachelor. And almost every time, they're spot on.

First, almost all previous winners get the slow, grand entrance. The music changes, the scene slows down and we watch the contestant walk towards the Bachelor as his heart melts. Anna from Tim Robards' season got it. So did Snezana from Sam Wood's season, and Laura from Matty J's season.

Second, they get more time with the man of the hour. Always. And finally, we learn more about them than other contestants. Maybe the episode shows flashbacks to their lives outside of the show, or maybe they just tell a long-winded story about their childhood... but that only happens for the contestants who will  go the distance.

Now that we've got the frontrunner "rules" out of the way, here's our prediction for The Bachelor 2021 top three.

3. Carlie.

Image: Channel 10.


While there are a few contestants who got the frontrunner treatment (like 27-year-old occupational therapist Brooke), we have an inkling Carlie will take out third place.

When she arrived, the music slowed down, she paused to fix her dress, and we soon learned all about her.

See? A frontrunner taking a breather before she meets Bach. Image: Channel 10.


The 33-year-old corporate lawyer from Melbourne explained how she deals with contracts all day and therefore, brought along a Bachelor agreement for her and Jimmy to sign (romantic?). And well, Bach loved it.

"She's clearly a very intelligent woman and beautiful woman and I'm really happy to sign my life away there and then," he said. 

They're clearly hitting it off. Image: Channel 10.

But sorry Carlie, there are two women we're about to discuss that have put you firmly in third place (in our minds). 

2. Jay.

Image: Channel 10.


"Cool girl" Jay is without a doubt the runner-up. 

Not only did the 31-year-old nutritionist receive the frontrunner treatment during the first episode (despite the really awkward chess game where she completely forgot how to play) but Jimmy also gave her the key to the business lounge. Tick!

So close to winning but not quite there. Image: Channel 10.

But despite her being our personal fave, we just know she doesn't win because of the last woman below.

1. Holly.

Image: Channel 10.


Yep, we're calling it: 27-year-old marketing manager Holly wins and there are a few reasons why. 

Firstly, her music was different. It was upbeat, unlike the usual slow, frontrunner music. Something about that makes us think the producers are trying to throw us off (they... didn't). 

Here she comes. Image: Channel 10.

Then they filmed her at work. The camera crew actually left the mansion to film her back story. Which. Never. Happens. 

"Act normal and pretend you're working." Image: Channel 10.


"Now, look into the distance and pretend we aren't here." Image: Channel 10.

She also got a full-on first date during the first episode, which from our recollection has never happened before. 

She and Jimmy sat down, drank wine, and forgot about all the women waiting in limos for their turn.

"This feels like a real first date," Jimmy said while... falling in love with her.

No one gets first dates during the first episode. Image: Channel 10.


Oh, and the rest of Australia agrees. 


Boom. Case closed before the season even begins.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Channel 10.

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