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Putting words in women's mouths, plus all the other The Bachelor 2020 editing fails in one place.

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The Bachelor has returned for another year and so far, it's been wild.

The producers are stretching out the episodes and upping the drama to keep us interested before COVID-19 sends the whole cast into lockdown; because honestly, no one's sure how interesting zoom dates are going to be.

Watch The Bachelor trailer to see how things change in lockdown. Post continues below.

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Over the past few episodes, we've noticed that producers are paying far too much attention to the cocktail party catfights and tears to even notice that they've slipped up with some serious editing fails.

Good thing we did.

Here's every editing fail we've spotted so far on this season of The Bachelor.

A contestant holding a rose before Locky even gave it to them.

During Wednesday night's rose ceremony that sent Zoe-Clare McDonald and Clare Lange home, there was a sneaky little fail that we couldn't help but notice.


As Bel Colwell walked forward to collect her rose from Locky, frontrunner Bella Varelis was standing in the background holding one. 

But... she hadn't received hers yet.

Image: Channel 10.

Producers were clearly playing with the order contestants received their roses, showing Bella's name called out later on in the rose ceremony. 


Some viewers suspected that having Bella's name called out later created more tension and suspense and put more focus on her, which makes sense if she's one of the contestants who makes it to the finale. 

Putting words in a contestant's mouth.

During Thursday night's cocktail party, Kaitlyn decided she wanted to kiss Locky, and told multiple women about it.

So she decided to get some toothpaste to fix her breath first. 

We watched as she wandered around the mansion in search of some toothpaste before she finally met up with Locky.

As the two walked away from everyone else, we heard her saying, "Sorry, I've got toothpaste in my mouth."

But her lips did not match up.

Image: Channel 10.


It seemed like the producers were replaying an earlier remark from her, as though she'd said it in front of Locky.

Sadly, we have no idea what she actually said but what we do know it wasn't that.

Clearly filming the cocktail party over two nights (but not alerting us).

OK so we all know that Thursday night's episode was weird to say the least. 

And the strangest thing that took place was definitely the mud bath. 


But what we're left wondering is how on earth Locky and Charley spent an hour in the mud bath and then reappeared in full hair and makeup before the cocktail party and rose ceremony continued?

So we've got a sneaky suspicion that the cocktail party was filmed over two nights. 

Let us dissect. 

They arrived at the mud bath in full hair and makeup, wearing their fancy cocktail party outfits.

Then they covered (seriously, covered) each other in mud from head to toe for an hour.

Image: Channel 10.


Then arrived back in the same outfits, new makeup and fixed hair. 


Image: Channel 10.


We're sorry but they can't have made the other contestants wait that long. They must've filmed it over two nights.

And it seems Twitter agrees.


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