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All the evidence Irena 100 per cent, hands down wins Locky's heart on The Bachelor.

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For the past six weeks, we've been a little too obsessed with working out who will The Bachelor this year. 

At first, 25-year-old Bella Varelis was labelled the clear frontrunner by fans. The marketing manager made a big romantic entrance and later nabbed both the first date and the first kiss with Locky. 

But then a new theory quickly emerged that suggested Irena Srbinovska was actually the one who wins Locky's heart. And since then, lots of evidence has come out to support it. 

Watch: Locky Gilbert decorates a cake while answering rapid fire questions. Post continues below. 

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The 31-year-old nurse left an immediate impression on Locky when she first met him on the red carpet. 

"What a stunner," said Locky. 

"Just beautiful. There was just something about her I was just like 'wow' and I felt warm."


Back then, the pair already seemed like a good match.

"I love a nurse cause I do some stupid shit, so it might be good to have one of those onboard," Locky joked.

So without further ado, let us present the theory that Irena is 100% this year's Bachelor winner. 


The dress theory. 

Long-time Bachie fans will know that the dresses worn at the finale give us a big clue about who will win the Bachelor's heart. 

According to the theory, whichever contestant is wearing the lighter coloured dress during the finale will be crowned the winner. This has been the case for past winners Chelsie McLeod, Laura Byrne, Alex Nation and Snezana Markoski.  

Earlier today, photos of Irena and Bella's finale looks were posted on Instagram. And guess who was wearing the light coloured dress? Yep, it was Irena.

Ok well, technically both their dresses are quite dark but if we had to choose whose was lighter it would be Irena's brown patterned dress over Bella's purple one.


And in case you need more evidence, if you look back at past finale posts on Instagram you'll notice the winner is normally placed on the left-hand side of the photo. 

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B: 


And Exhibit C:

We rest our case. 

The cocktail party photos. 

Last week, both Irena and Bella posted photos of their cocktail party looks on Instagram. And their captions may have given away who wins. 

Irena uploaded a photo wearing a sparkly blazer dress along with the caption: "Stole this from Locky’s wardrobe." 


Now we don't know about you, but those sound like the confident words of a winner right there.

In comparison, Bella shared a photo of her cocktail party look with a much more serious caption. 

"Emotions are running high tonight. Tune in at 7.30pm as we reach the tail end of this crazy journey," she wrote. 


Bella's reference to "the tail end of the journey" could suggest her relationship with Locky might be coming to an end.

While we (admittedly) may be reading into this a bit too much, this isn't the first clue we've seen which suggests Bella doesn't win the show. 

Irena's not-so-subtle Instagram comment. 

Last month, Irena left a very telling comment on one of her Instagram photos. And it quite clearly suggests that she's the winner. 


As pointed out by the So Dramatic! podcast Instagram account, one fan commented on Irena's Bachelor post saying, "I hope we get some more love story and less of the drama - I have stopped watching for now."

To which Irena not-so-subtly replied, "The love story is coming I promise".

Hmmm... not exactly the words of a runner-up.

We don't know about you, but we think that's some pretty clear evidence right there.


The winner's edit. 

If you look back at past Bachie seasons, you'll notice almost every winner of the show gets a clear 'winner's edit' when we first meet them on the red carpet.

The music changes, the scene slows down and we get to see every moment of their grand entrance play out on our screens. 

It happened to Anna in Tim Robards' season, Snezana from Sam Wood's season and Laura from Matty J's season... The list goes on. 

And this season, the winner's edit was quite clearly bestowed upon Irena (and Bella, as she is quite clearly the runner-up.)  

During Irena's entrance, soft fairytale music began to play in the background as she stepped out of the car and slowly walked down the path to meet Locky.

Image: Channel 10. 

And we're not the only ones who thought so. 


Former Bachelor winner Chelsie McLeod pointed out the change in music during Irena's entrance while watching the show last week. 

"Ooh, winner's music!" she said in an Instagram video. 

"Top four surely... that music. She's cute," she captioned the post. 

Image: Instagram@chelsiemcleod 

The bookkeeper's pick.  


Sportsbet has a near perfect record at picking the winner in past seasons of The Bachelor. (Well, except the Honey Badger's season, but precisely no one saw that coming). 

This year, both Sportsbet and TAB are both tipping Irena as the winner.

According to Sportsbet, Irena is the favourite to win with odds of $1.30, while Bella is tipped for second place at $2.95.

Over at TAB, Irena has odds of $1.36 and Bella has odds at $3.00

The fact that both bookkeepers have tipped Irena to win also suggests inside information may have already been leaked. (Remember The Bachelor was filmed months ago.) 


Former winner Chelsie McLeod's theory. 

If there's anyone who has a good chance at picking this year's winner, it's going to be a former Bachelor winner herself. 

Not only did Chelsie pick up on the "winner's music" when Irena stepped out of the car to meet Locky, but she also pointed out another telling sign that points to Irena. 

You see, Irena decided to check Locky's heartbeat with a stethoscope which was very similar to what Chelsie did with Matt Agnew, when she asked to put a tattoo on his chest. 


"Winning code?" she asked in an Instagram video. 

"This is literally where I undid Matt's shirt [to give him a temporary tattoo] on night one."

Image: Instagram@chelsiemcleod 

 Very interesting... 

Who do you think wins Locky's heart on The Bachelor? Let us know in the comments below. 

The Bachelor finale airs tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10. 

Feature Image: Instagram@irena_srbinovska/Channel 10.