3 ways to get motivated to exercise in winter.

I swear I don’t normally do selfies, but I wanted to show you my super-stylish (cough, cough) running outfit. Comfort is key…






Now that we’re nearly a month and a half into the season, I think we can all firmly conclude that winter sucks. It’s fun for a couple of weeks – you get to pull out your ugg boots, drink more hot chocolate and get away with wearing a onesie – but it’s not long before the novelty wears off and you’re just really cold. All the time.

The worst thing about winter? The complete lack of motivation that comes with getting the winter blues. Everyone I know has either completely given up on their normal exercise routines or at least geared them down a notch. Just because, you know, it’s cold, and there are other things to be doing, such as watching Game of Thrones while in very close proximity to the heater and several doonas.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by The Athlete’s Foot. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in her own words. 

So here are the things I’m doing in an attempt to keep myself fit and motivated this winter.

1. Comfort is key.

Heading out for a run might mean sacrificing the couch and the onesie – but you don’t have to sacrifice all comfort. Winter is all about comfort and that has to be reflected in your running gear.

So pick running outfits that are both practical and comfy. Stuff that you’re not going to be embarrassed being seen in, but also stuff that isn’t going to make your experience any more unpleasant.

I have literally one running outfit for winter. It’s a pair of baggy grey shorts, a fantastic sports bra, a baggy grey jumper. I won’t be winning any prizes for attractiveness anytime soon, but hey, the outfit is damn comfy and I don’t have to think about it when I’m dragging myself out of bed early on those cold mornings.


The other vital thing? Comfortable running shoes. Until recently, I was running in a three-year-old pair of shoes that I thought were just fine… and then I got my hands on a pair of the just-launched New Balance 1260v3 from The Athlete’s Foot. They’re so cushioned that it was like strapping little clouds to my feet. (The cushioning is made from Nitrogen gas – making them SO light as well). It helps that they’re kind of gorgeous, too. At least there’s one part of me that looks good on my 6am run, I suppose…

If you have had your current running shoes for more than a year – get yourself to a running specialist (The Athlete’s Foot guys really know what they’re talking about and have an awesome range –check it out) and get fitted sooner rather than later. It’ll take your running experience from painful to amazing, and it’ll keep you that much more motivated to actually get out there and run.

2. Sign yourself up for an event.

There are so many events on that are scheduled for the end of winter or the beginning of spring – so if you start training now, you’ll be ready by the time the race rolls around.

The best thing about an event is that it provides you with an obligation to train. You know you have that 5km, or 9km, or 14km run coming up, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by only being able to run the first 250m.


I’m doing the Blackmores Bridge Run in September – say hi if you see me struggling past you at some point! – and also contemplating a triathlon in November. What’s that saying – reach for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll still land amongst the stars? I might be landing amongst a hell of a lot of stars, but hey… at least I’ll have comfy shoes on, right…

3. Embrace your inner five-year-old with a reward chart.

When you train, use an app that calculates your distance/time/calories burned. Then record those measurements somewhere where you’re going to see them all the time. Some people use whiteboards, some people use notepads. I use sticky notes along the bottom of my desktop computer because I spend the great majority of my time staring at it. Whatever works.

Seeing those distances and times in front of you constantly will give you a really good idea of how quickly you’re improving. And once you hit certain goals, reward yourself accordingly.

Personally, once I can run 10km in less than an hour, I’m buying myself a unicorn onesie. Hello, heater and television. Here I come.

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What are your tips to get motivated to exercise in winter? Have you signed up for any up coming running events?