ROAD TEST: The $5 product that finally got rid of my 'old lady hands'.

Winter is seriously messing with my beauty game.

My skin is dry, my lips are flaky, and don’t even get me started on my hands.

I walk to and from work everyday – which takes well over an hour. And while it’s certainly chilly, as someone who lived in the UK for 28 years, I never feel it’s quite cold enough to bother with gloves.

So while my daily walk is good for my health, bracing the cold combined with the drying effect of indoor heating has resulted in a pair of what I can only describe as “old lady hands” – not words I find to be synonymous with beauty.

Seriously, when you have a dedicated anti-ageing skin regime for your face, but your cracked, dry hands are making you look a decade older than you are, it’s time to take action.

I’ve used various hand creams in the past – and they all worked. The trouble was, they didn’t work for very long – and it’s not time or cost effective to reapply a product every five minutes.

Enter Botanical Rosehip and Sweet Orange Hand Cream by Thankyou.

The product is derived from natural ingredients and smells amazing. But that’s not all. The cream – like all of Thankyou’s body care products –  is vegan friendly, not tested on animals and is free from nasties such as parabens, SLS, SLES and EDTA.

Thank You hand cream
Pretty packaging, too.

So it's natural, ethical, and pleasing to the nostrils - that's a pretty good start. Now, time to show my poor skin some love.

The application is easy - the cream glides on and is quickly absorbed. It soothed my cracked knuckles and made my hands feel silky smooth. And the effects lasted. Even after washing my hands, the skin still felt soft and supple.

Now I keep a tube of this hand cream on my desk to apply when I arrive at work each morning and as needed throughout the day. When it turns really cold, I might just get myself a pair of moisturising gloves and do an intensive overnight treatment, to really nourish and hydrate my hands.

Right now you can get TWO TUBES of Botanical Rosehip and Sweet Orange Hand Cream for $10.98.

What's your favourite hand cream? Tell us in the comments!