Tenille says the bullying by Cat and Romy on The Bachelor was even worse than we saw.


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When Tenille Favios hopped in the car on last night’s episode of The Bachelor, she knew she made the right decision.

The 25-year-old flight attendant decided to leave the show on her own terms after an uncomfortable conversation with bachie Nick Cummins.

For Tenille, the Bachelor mansion was taxing, especially when ‘mean girls’ Cat, Romy and Alisha were still in the house.

The altercation we saw on screen last week, which ended up with Tenille running away from the mansion while being frantically chased by a producer, was much, much longer than we could imagine.

“What you saw is true stuff,” Tenille told Mamamia. “But that altercation probably happened over two hours or so.”

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“I did try to defuse the situation, I did give her my side of the story, I did explain things for her so she could understand what she was saying was a misinterpretation and was putting words in my mouth, that wasn’t going anywhere.”

“The thing you did miss were there were others who did chime in from that. Shannon got yelled at by Romy for trying to defend me and it was just chaos, it was just so much.”

The comments by the mean girls were relentless and watching the show back means seeing even more of them.

“I definitely had the target on my back from that point onward. The next day after that happened I had gone around and apologised to every single person in the house if I had offended them. Honestly, I didn’t do anything with any malicious intent so I was more than happy to take onus for anything that was said and done that upset people but still after that, I saw the footage from when we went on the group date and I was in the Zorb ball and Cat was having negative things to say to me.”


“And I was like ‘are you kidding?’ I had spoken to you that morning, tried to put water under the bridge and you’re still making comments about me? It’s still carrying on now, I heard their interviews last week, it just doesn’t stop.”

She said being stuck in a house with people she didn’t get along with was really difficult.

“In your real life if you had someone like that that you weren’t getting along with you would remove yourself from the situation. No one would be willingly putting themselves in that situation in real life.”

One thing we’re seeing more of in this season of The Bachelor is producers – we saw a producers face for the first time when she was comforting Tenille after she ran off – and Tenille told Mamamia the contestants build genuine relationships with the crew.

“We see these producers more than we see Nick. You definitely build a rapport with them, they interview you, they know all of your feelings and emotions. They do try and be there for you as much as they can but they’ve also got a job to do.”

“You did see the producer that night I did walk away and she was concerned for me and she was trying to help me and definitely making sure that I was alright. I think it’s good to break that fourth wall because you saw a really vulnerable, true moment that was happening with me and the producer.”

Tenille stands by her decision to leave the house and knows she and Nick were on the same page.

She thinks Dasha, Brooke or Sophie all have a chance of winning the Honey Badger’s heart, but believes Nick and Brittany’s connection can transcend the show.

“I’m really feeling Britt’s connection with Nick at the moment and I honestly feel like they are really compatible.”