Who knew? It turns out Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins gives really sage love advice.

Who knew that lying just beneath the beefcake exterior that is Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins is a zen master who could rival Oprah in the inspirational quotes category? Not us.

This year’s newly appointed Bachelor appeared on The Project on Thursday night, and while we were expecting him to say something along the lines of “Hahaha, rugby, haha,” he actually left us all pleasantly surprised.

The 30-year-old gave an impressively articulate interview, where he actually dished out some pretty decent love and life advice. It had us all like, “Damn, we love this guy!”

He even admitted to meditating. Yes, meditating. Who knew?


Here are his four most poignant moments during the interview…

1. He believes we all get “three loves” in our life…

“They say you get three loves in life. The first one, you know, probably cuts pretty deep. You’re not really sure if it’s infatuation or not. And the second one – you know, it may be love.

“But maybe you don’t understand, ’cause you’re still young and inexperienced, and the timings of both your lives haven’t really hit the right connection, the right point.

“So I suppose the third one, which – who knows, I could actually find – could be this one, where I’ve realised it’s not infatuation, the timings of both of our lives have come to this point, and now we’ve connected and, hopefully, pressed forward into a happy future,” he said.

True words of wisdom. 

2. Looks aren’t that important, it’s what’s below the surface that counts…

“You can talk about hair colour and things like that – and that’s all good, for the eye – but it doesn’t really last. And you’ve gotta go off vibes, I reckon, mate,” he told the show. Yep, it’s the viiiibe, man. 

Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins
Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins is actually a zen master. Image: The Project

3. He knows that the person who loves him would never ask him to change and vice versa. (In other words, the facial hair is here to stay, ladies.)

"A girl who really loved me wouldn't put me in a situation like that... Mate, have you heard of that story about Sampson and Delilah - it's a Bible story. Basically, she cut off his hair and he lost all his strength.

"What I'm saying is - this thing right here [points at his moustache] - it's the key. It's the key, mate. It's the mojo."

4. He's not worried about what people think of him looking for love on The Bachelor, because he knows his real friends will support him no matter what...

"Yeah, look, it's sort of, um - a lot of 'em [his friends] went quiet. But, you know, at the same time, awesome.

"The real ones, I suppose, support ya, you know? And that's - I'm happy. It's 2018, it's time to be the best you and surround yourself with the right people, so sometimes you've got to let a few go."



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So, there you have it. The Honey Badger is actually incredibly insightful.

We look forward to hearing more nuggets of wisdom from him when he appears on The Bachelor. Until then, we'll be off meditating with a cup of matcha tea next to our yoga mats and taking every word of his advice.


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