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The conversation we didn't see before Tenille walked out on The Bachelor.


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This week’s episodes of The Bachelor 2018 were… dry.

Boring. Bland. Kind of like eating a rice cake.

After the show’s ‘villains’ Cat, Romy and Aleisha were given the boot, things were happier, but quieter around the mansion.

The only serving of drama was when Tenille Favios walked out on Thursday night, telling Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins they should “stop kidding themselves”.

It was very Romeo and Juliet-like, two hearts ripped apart for a reason we still can’t really figure out.

But according to Tenille, there was another conversation that took place before she hopped into that limo viewers didn’t get to see.

Not with Honey Badger, but with the producers.

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“We see these producers more than we see Nick,” she told Mamamia about how we’re watching the producers pop up a la UnReal this season more than ever before.

“You definitely build a rapport with them, they interview you, they know all of your feelings and emotions. They do try and be there for you as much as they can but they’ve also got a job to do.”

The 25-year-old flight attendant also told YahooBe it was because of her relationship with the producers that she was able to speak to them about leaving the mansion on her terms.


“I just knew in my gut it wasn’t going to work so I went over to the producer and that’s when I said to the producer, ‘I need to leave’,” she told the publication.

“They asked, ‘Do you want to stay in the rose ceremony and see’ and I said ‘No because I just feel it. I feel the vibe of it and I’m happy with that decision and I want to stick to how I’m feeling’.”

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Video by MWN

After this unseen conversation, we then watched the awkward ‘behind the lattice’ chat with Nick, during which Tenille told him she’d like to leave.

But according to the bachelorette, he was never meant to see her behind there. She was planning on leaving quietly without making a scene when Honey Badger was exploring and heard crying sounds.

“I didn’t want to make a big scenario out of it… the car was out front. Then he obviously heard what was going on and investigated that.”

Essentially, it appears Tenille wanted to ghost out of the mansion.

To be fair, we probably would’ve done the same.

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