"I'm so grateful for teachers like this." The beautiful note Leah's daughter received from her teacher.


I distinctively remember the note my English teacher gave me on my last day of Year 11.

After slogging my way through a tough year of English Advanced and the struggle of deciphering Shakespearean language, I decided to move into the English Standard class for my final HSC year.

It was a tough decision. In fact, at the time, I felt like a complete failure. Like I’d taken the easy way out.

On that final day of English Advanced class in Year 11, our teacher gave a personalised note to each and every student in the class.

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Years later, I can still remember exactly what that note said.

Although she may not know it, that teacher’s kindness ultimately changed my entire mindset about tackling my final year of schooling.

In fact, it completely set me on a different course – leading me to where I am today.

Around Australia, hundreds of teachers do exactly what my English teacher did that year.

In a job that’s often described as thankless, many teachers take time out of their busy schedules at the end of the year to write personalised notes and cards for their students.


It’s a story we don’t often hear about.

But when Australian mum Leah saw the personalised note her daughter Isla had received from her Year 2 teacher, she knew she had to share it.

teacher note
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"Isla received this gift from her teacher today," Leah wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of the note.

"I'm so grateful for teachers like this who really see each and every one of their students... Isla truly blossomed this year in a class where she had the freedom to be herself."


According to Leah, who spoke to Mamamia, Isla's teacher, Miss McGowan, was up late in tears writing the personalised notes for her students.

Here's what Isla's note said:

"Wonderful Isla. What a beautiful person you are, I loved every second of being your teacher darling.

"There are many qualities which make up the colours of you; an absolute masterpiece. You are so kind, you are so resilient, you fall down twice and get up three times (something very special in people who want to make a difference), you have a loving heart for animals and the environment and an important voice to share through your art.

"Thank you for being yourself."

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Speaking to Mamamia, Leah shared that she felt "touched" after reading the note.

"I felt so grateful and touched that Isla had such a thoughtful teacher who genuinely cared for each and every one of her students," Leah said.

"She really saw them for who they are, celebrated all the things that made them unique and allowed them the freedom to be themselves," she added.

"I decided to share the photo because I was so touched... and I just think it's nice to celebrate kindness in others. She is a special teacher."


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