All the hidden Easter eggs you missed in Taylor Swift's 'Fortnight' music video.

It's been a busy few days for Swifties.

A few hours after the release of Taylor Swift's 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Departmenton April 19, the singer dropped the music video for her song with Post Malone, 'Fortnight'.

The clip, filled with so many clues and Easter eggs, gives us a first look into the "worlds" Swift saw in her head while creating the "backdrop" for her new album.

"When I was writing the 'Fortnight' music video, I wanted to show you the worlds I saw in my head that served as the backdrop for making this music," the singer explained on Instagram.

"Pretty much everything in it is a metaphor or a reference to one corner of the album or another. For me, this video turned out to be the perfect visual representation of this record and the stories I tell in it."

Watch the teaser trailer for Taylor Swift's song, 'Fortnight'. Post continues after video. 

Video via YouTube.

Swift is knowing for dropping all sorts of cryptic clues and hidden messages in her songs and music videos, hinting at what (or who) exactly she is referring to — and yep, she's done it again with this new vid. 


From costumes and set design to elaborate storyboards and innovative camera work, 'Fortnight' is full of sneaky details that tell us a story within a story.

In this song, Swift sings about an ex-boyfriend she can't seem to get over and now she's spiralling. 

In the music video, Malone plays the singer's love interest. Swift is stuck in a distorted asylum before she escapes and goes to work in a warehouse filled with... typewriters?

Yeah, it's confusing but exciting nonetheless.

Below are all the hidden clues, details and Easter eggs buried within Taylor Swift's first music video from The Tortured Poets Department album, 'Fortnight'.

A nod to Dead Poets Society. 

Ethan Hawke, Josh Charles and Taylor Swift in the 'Fortnight' music video. Image: Instagram @taylorswift.


Along with Post Malone, two other iconic guests appear in the 'Fortnight' clip, including Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles — both of whom played roles in the 1989 cult classic film Dead Poets Society. 

In the music video, Hawke and Charles play scientists conducting several experiments on Swift. 

The film has been compared online to the singer's album, which has a similar title in The Tortured Poets Department — so it's a nice little homage to the iconic movie.

What the typewriter means.

The typewriter in 'Fortnight'. Image: YouTube.


There are plenty of elements woven into 'Fortnight' that seem to reference The 1975 lead singer Matty Healy.

In case you forgot, it is rumoured Swift was in an on-again, off-again situationship with Healy. Their brief entanglement reortedly took place following the end of her six-year-long relationship with actor Joe Alwyn ended.

One of the clearest nods to Healy was the typewriter, which was featured several times in the music video. Fans have associated him with it, because he has oenly shared his obsession with them.


♬ original sound - GQ

The typewriter also flashed what could be a subtle reference to Swift feeling she is missing "the one" in her life, as in one scene, the number 1 key is missing. However, other fans think this is a reference to her track 'The 1' from her Folklore album, which was a love song for Alwyn before they split.


This theory seems most likely to be the case, as Swift had originally included 'The 1' in her set list for The Eras Tour before quickly removing it following their breakup.

So many nods to Healy.

Aside from fans claiming 'Fortnight' sounds a lot like The 1975's 'Falling For You' single, which was released in 2013, there's also a theory that it was actually originally intended to be a collaboration with The 1975, rather than Post Malone. 

Why? It all comes down to similarities spotted in Swift's music video.

The typewriter was just one of the many references to Healy in the 'Fortnight' music video, and even the black-and-white aesthetic (which seems to be the theme of TTPD) is reminiscent of The 1975's general vibe.

One X (formerly Twitter) user highlighted all the elements that echo The 1975, including specific posing, the crown-like metal headgear Swift wears, and even the lab coats.


Many Swifties are convinced much of her album is inspired by her situationship with Healy, and all of these allusion could be hints to support that theory.

Taylor Swift wore her 2024 Grammy's gown. 

Taylor Swift at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Image: Getty.


Many would remember when Swift showed up to the 2024 Grammy Awards in a custom white gown by designer Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli — mostly because it was the evening she won her 13th Grammy and also announced the release date of her 11th studio album.

We were whisked back to the moment when Swift donned a sculpted white gown that looked a lot like her Grammy dress for the music clip.

Taylor Swift in 'Fortnight' music video. Image: Instagram @taylorswift.


Fans noticed it when the teaser trailer first dropped, but following the release of the full version of the music video, we can now see that Swift's white gown changes to an all-black Victorian-style mourning dress.

These gowns were likely hanging in our ancestors' closets during the 1800s and were famously worn by Queen Victoria to mourn the death of her husband, Prince Albert. The royal wore it from his death in 1861 until she died in 1901.

Taylor Swift and Post Malone in 'Fortnight' music video. Image: Instagram @taylorswift.


While we can't say with certainty what Swift is mourning in the 'Fortnight' music video, we can take a wild guess that it has something to do with her complicated relationship with love.

The date on the 'Forget Him' pills.

The pill bottle in 'Fortnight'. Image: YouTube.


In 'Fortnight', Swift can only be unchained from her bed if she takes her pill labelled "Forget Him".

Both her birthday and the TTPD album release date are labelled as the prescription number.

The inclusion of the pill bottle is a clear reference to one line in her song that goes, "I took the miracle move-on drug, the effects were temporary." Possibly a reference to that post-Alwyn rebound fling with Healy?

Taylor Swift's face tattoos. 

Taylor Swift with Post Malone's face tattoos in 'Fortnight'. Image: YouTube.


You might have noticed that Swift became Malone when she wore a replica of his iconic face tattoos in the clip. They also covered up the ink on his face in certain shots, going full role reversal. 

Look, we're not sure there is any deeper meaning to this, but it sure is fun to see the singers swap faces (sorta) for a while!

Post Malone with no face tattoos in 'Fortnight'. Image: YouTube.


A phone booth. 

At one point in the music video, Malone is calling someone in the rain from an old telephone booth.

We don't know who he is talking to (although it is probably Swift) or where he is. But as fans pointed out, it looks like the actual booth is a reference to the iconic red ones that you can find in London (where Alwyn and Swift lived together).


Taylor Swift and Post Malone read "US".

In one specific scene in 'Fortnight', Swift and Malone are both lying together on the ground. While he stares at her, she reads from a book called "US".

It's the same book that turned up in the Spotify pop-up library on April 18, ahead of the release of TTPD, and also looks to be reference to her song 'The Story Of Us', from her 2010 album Speak Now.

The black dog. 

There was a very specific reference to another song on the album, which drops by in the form of a literal black dog.

The black dog in Taylor Swift's 'Fortnight' music video. Image: YouTube.


'The black dog' is a term used to describe depression, and we all know how a relationship breakdown can drag you into the depths of despair — leaving some to wonder if this was a nod to Swift's emotional state following her breakups. However, in English folklore, the phrase also represents a death omen — a nod to the 'death' of her long-term relationship with Alwyn, perhaps?

Then again, there's also a real-life bar in London called The Black Dog — and her actual song 'The Black Dog' is about said bar, where she sings of catching her (unnamed) boyfriend going to when he forgets to turn off his location.

We can't even with this woman's creative genius.

Feature Image: YouTube

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