After this mum got a tattoo, a mistake forced her to change her toddler son's name.

After her two-year-old son’s name was misspelled in a sentimental tattoo, one mother had an interesting solution.

With painful tattoo removal procedures including laser surgery too expensive for her, Johanna Giselhäll Sandström decided her best option was to rename her toddler.

The mother-of-three from Kyrkhult, Sweden, says she handed the tattoo artist a design featuring the names of two of her children, Nova and Kevin.

But in the end, her tattoo read ‘Nova and Kelvin’ instead.

“The artist drew the design and didn’t ask anything about the spelling so I didn’t give it any more thought,” she said.

The mother said her “heart stopped” and she “almost fainted” when she noticed the error, local Swedish newspaper Blekinge Läns Tidning reported. (You can see an image of the tattoo here.)

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According to 30-year-old Johanna, the tattoo artist laughed at his spelling mistake and offered her a refund, but he wasn’t able to undo his work.

Johanna had a few options – she could either live with the typo or have the tattoo removed in a painful and expensive laser surgery.

But Johanna had another idea, choosing to go down the slightly extreme route of changing her son’s name altogether.

And with her husband’s consent, that’s exactly what she did.

Although the tattoo didn’t turn out as expected, Johanna and her husband admit they now prefer their son’s unique new name Kelvin, because “no one else” has it.

Johanna also plans to add her newborn daughter’s name, Freja, to her sentimental family tattoo – but this time, she’ll watch the inking process like a hawk.

“I’m going to write it down on a piece of paper and check it over ten thousand times,” she said.

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