We've found a $60 Target dupe for the trending $420 dress.

If you're a fashion lover, you're probably familiar with the brand Sir the Label.  

The Australian brand, known for their stripped back but striking aesthetic and their 'It Girl' dresses with minimalist designs, has flooded my IG far more than I'm willing to admit. Their pieces are fresh and striking, giving a modern take on femininity — and their iconic Nouveaux Cut Out dress is no exception.

The sleek silhouette of the Nouveaux balances a higher neckline with a cut-out waist. It's a modern classic and chances are you have seen it everywhere. The design stands all on its own and needs very little to complete the look and it's for this reason I love it. So it was no surprise that when I was recently on the hunt for the dress to wear to my upcoming birthday dinner and NYE drinks (notorious outfit repeater here), I couldn't go past this beauty.

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But, at $420, it's not exactly a piece I sling around on the reg, particularly with three avocado-smeared kiddos in toe. 


Enter, Target. Or, for those millennials playing at home, Tarjayyyy.

It will be no surprise to anyone reading this that I am a shameless Target enthusiast. I currently wear so much Target that I was recently asked if they were paying me to spruik their clothes (they're not, BTW). If I'm complimented on an outfit at work nowadays, I'm not asked where it's from, it's, "Let me guess, Target?"

The designers at Target are NAILING it at the moment, from their breezy linen sets to their structured suits with chic wide-leg pants and long tailored vests. And when I stumbled upon a dupe of my beloved Sir the Label cutout dress for just $60, you know I couldn't walk past it.

Image: Supplied


But what's it like compared to the OG?

The Target version has the same higher neckline and cut-out waist with adjustable cord, allowing you to make the cut-out as loose or tight as you wish. Rather than the redesigned figure-8 cut-out shape Sir chose, the Target cut-out is more of an O shape. The length of the Target dress is also slightly shorter and more midi style.

Where the Sir dress had many colour options, the Target version comes in just two shades: black and a stunning, cool blue. But IMO there's no need for any more colours. Both the blue and black are so versatile, easily dressed up or down, pairing well with silver or gold accessories but offering completely different looks (see below!).

The fabric is probably the biggest difference between the two. The Sir dress is made from 100 percent cotton, which is lightweight, soft and smooth, and feels expensive to touch. The Target dupe is a linen blend, so is slightly more textured and there is an initial roughness to the fabric that softens over time (as linen does). 

Here are four ways I styled the Target Cut Out Midi Dress, $60, in Vista Blue and Black.


I started with the blue, keeping the outfit stripped back and letting the colour do all the heavy lifting. When I first saw the blue I envisioned pairing it with silver accessories and a white bag and it came off exactly how I had imagined; fresh, summery and a look that could easily transition you from day to night.

Loving the blue. Image: Supplied.

I've also worn it layered with a denim jacket, cinching the waist with a tan belt with gold hardware. The addition of the belt created a waistline, completely changing the silhouette of the dress, which I loved. The tan colour in the belt avoids muting the pastel blue as sometimes black can do. I love this look as it's relaxed but considered.


Image: Supplied

For an elevated, minimalist look, more in line with the Sir the Label style, I paired the black dress with a chic black shoulder bag and my leather thong-style sandals. I completed the fit with some gold drop earrings that matched well with the subtle gold hardware on my bag. 

Image: Supplied


Finally, I had to get the trainers out for a laid-back vibe. I added my blue denim jacket again, which contrasted well with the black, but this time wearing it loose for a more casual look. I then added a black chunky crossbody bag, to keep the fit edgy and balanced against the bold black and white sneakers.

Image: Supplied


So what's the verdict?

Overall, I am a big fan. The aesthetic is very similar to the Sir OG, and the design and quality hold up. I adore Sir the Label and it will always be my 'special occasion' go to, but with the Target dupe just 14 percent of the designer price, I love that I can achieve the same elevated look without worrying about it getting ruined or breaking the bank!

Featured Image: Supplied.

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