These are the sunglasses you should be wearing in 2020, according to your face shape.


We don’t need to tell you sunglasses are crucial for the summer months.

Not only are they important in helping shield our eyes from the harsh effects of the Australian sun, they’re also fun fashion accessories that can be changed up according to the trends. And they become even more essential thanks to all the outdoor parties over the silly season.

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But given we’re all doing our shopping online these days, it can be difficult to figure out which style will personally suit you. Sure, they might look good on the model, but what if they just don’t vibe with your face? Then you’ve gotta return them and start all over again.

To find the best-suited sunnies for your face shape, you need to look for ones that accentuate your best features. We know, easier said than done.

So here’s the drill: take a look through our guide, figure out which shape is closest to yours, consider your favourite facial features and go from there.


Heart face shape

Heart-shaped face. Image: Getty.

Those with this face shape tend to have a wider forehead and distance across their brow section, while the bottom half of their face tapers in.

If you notice your face tends to get narrower down towards the chin, this is where you fit.

In order to accentuate your defined cheekbones and strong jaw, lighter frames and oversized sunglasses with exaggerated bottoms are best suited.


Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

1. Ray-Ban, Square 1971 Classics in Light Brown Gradient, $215.

Image: David Jones.

2. Mosmann, Dance under the Sun in Turtle, $49.95. 

Image: Mosmann.

3. Quay Australia x Chrissy Teigen, After Hours, $65.

Image: The Iconic.

Round face shape

Round-shaped face. Image: Getty.

If you fit into the round face category, this means the width from your ear to ear and forehead to the chin are the same. You also may have softer features.

We recommend steering away from circular sunglasses and rather opting for square or rectangle options as they will accentuate your cheekbones.

Sunglasses for round faces

1. Shevoke, Zingaro Noir, $149.

Image: Shevoke.

2. Reality Eyewear, XRay Specs in Champagne, $69.

Image: Reality Eyewear.

3. Minkpink, Motive in Tort, $49.95.

Image: David Jones.

Square face shape

Square-faced shape. Image: Getty.

People with square faces tend to have more bold features, including a wide jaw, forehead and cheekbones. If you notice your jaw is strong but not pointy, you will most likely fit into this category.

Therefore, round or oval sunglasses may be best suited, as they will balance and soften your defined facial structure.

Sunglasses for square faces

1. Local Supply, Studio, $99.95. 

Image: Local Supply.

2. Minkpink, Saturday, $39.95.

Image: Just Sunnies.

3. Le Specs, Outta Love in Tortoise, $59.95. 

Image: Le Specs.


Oval face shape

Oval shaped face. Image: Getty.

Those with oval faces will notice their face is more elongated and it becomes narrow at both the forehead and chin. Lucky for you lot: you can pull off almost anything!

Rectangular frames are generally a good choice as they will widen the face, but cat-eye styles are great too.

Sunglasses for oval faces

1. Quay Australia x J Lo, Limelight, $65. 

Image: Quay Australia.

2. Adam Selman x Le Specs, The Last Lolita in White, $119.

Image: Le Specs.

3. Ray-Ban, Aviator Classic, $205.

Image: The Iconic.

Feature image: Instagram/@quayaustralia @lespecs @cheycbarbosa

Which sunnies are your failsafe pair? Let us know in the comments.