Teeny, tiny sunglasses are finally out but really, really big sunnies are back.

Remember when teeny, tiny sunglasses rose up from the 90s fashion graveyard and onto the faces of literally everyone in 2018?

From Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to Beyonce (why, Beyonce?!), and even the woman sitting across from you on the train – for a good six months, ridiculously small sunglasses were everywhere.

It was a troubling time.

If you don’t remember, no stress because as it turns out, small sunnies are out and really, really, really big ones are back in. Like a number of good things in life, we have Rihanna to thank for it.

This week, Vogue reported on the singer and cosmetics entrepreneur’s penchant for massive sunglasses. She’s particularly fond of the oversized shield style, wearing two different pairs of the sunglasses out and about.

Think metal frames, metallic hardware detailing and reflective lenses so big they can physically shield you from whatever crap your day throws your way.

Jennifer Lopez also wore a similar pair from Aussie label Quay in her Limitless music video at the end of last year. A fiercer being does not exist.

Rihanna has a knack of giving us what we want, before we know we want it. Image: Getty.

Much like traditional sports sunglasses - or these Dermal Hub Halo sunnies/visor hybrids that semi-broke into the mainstream this summer - oversized shield sunnies provide much-needed sun protection for your delicate eye area. Which, as Mamamia's Leigh Campbell pointed out, when tiny sunnies first came in last year, is the entire point of wearing sunglasses.

Just how big and shiny you go depends on your confidence and comfort levels with being highly conspicuous.

If you're keen to Marie Kondo aka get rid of your small sunnies and replace them with some Rihanna oversized shield ones, here are 11 very good options at different price points and levels of extra-ness.

Quay GOLDIE Sunglasses, $75.

Image: Quay.

Dazie Tomboy Sunglasses in Black and Tortoiseshell, $19.95.

dazie sunglasses
dazie sunglassesdazie sunglasses
Images: The Iconic.

Hawkers Collins Cat Eye Sunglasses, $74.

hawkers sunnies
Image: ASOS.

Quay VERY BUSY Sunglasses, $75.

Image: Quay.

Sportsgirl Voodoo Flat Top Sunglasses, $39.95.

sportsgirl sunglasses

Polaroid 2060/S Sunglasses,$89.95.

polaroid sunnies
Image: The Iconic.

Quay HINDSIGHT Sunglasses, $70.

Image: Quay.

Timberlake Sunglasses, $34.95.

timberlake sunnies
Image: Showpo.

Jeepers Peepers Visor Sunglasses, $48.

hawkwrs collins sunglasses
Image: ASOS.

Quay X Alissa Violet Hindsight Sunglasses, $70.

quay hindsight sunnies
Image: Quay.

Carrera Pilot Sunglasses, $258.

Carrera sunnies
Image: ASOS.

Would you wear this style of sunglasses? Did you get behind the small sunnies trend?