A comprehensive look at the best (and worst) Bachie exits.


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Getting rejected is always a bit uh, sh*t, but being rejected on national television has got to be the worst.

Most women on The Bachelor take it gracefully and hop in the limo, content with the fact they at least have a few more Instagram followers.

But not all go quietly. Here are some of the best (and worst) Bachie exits:

Steph, season six.


She looked Honey Badger right in the eyes and said “I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this” and honestly, YES.

Sure, it was totally cringeworthy and awkward but girl, we feel you. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the regret of wasted smooth legs.

Did Steph get any screen time before this line? We honestly can’t remember but she will now go down in history.

Jen, season five.


Jen made an unconventional exit - there was plenty of drama, but no rose ceremony and no proper goodbyes.


Jen told season five Bachie Matty J that there were some girls in the house who were not there for him. She said she'd overheard a conversation where Lisa had said she only saw Matty as a brother.

Matty confronted Lisa, and the rest of the bachelorettes blasted Jen for throwing Lisa under the bus.

Jen had enough and left the mansion, rolling her suitcase down the driveway as she walked out. There was no limo waiting to pick her up so all we can only assume is she's still out there somewhere, but hopefully she's ditched her heels.

Leah, season five.

when does the bachelor 2018 start
Leah was a bit villain-y during Matty J's season. Image: Channel Ten.

Leah's exit was so bad that Channel Ten banned her from post-elimination interviews.

Matty J sent her home after finding out she had previously been a topless waitress while at uni. He didn't like that he was "the last to know".

Bachie host Osher Gunsberg defended her past pointing out that the first two bachelors, Tim Robards and Blake Garvey, had also been topless waiters.

Sian, season five.


Matty J's season was wild, you guys.

For context: Sian had a major meltdown the week before she left The Bachelor. Because like, no one including Matty knew who she was.

Sian goes into the bathroom and yells "I'M LEAVING. I DON'T LIKE HIM. I'M BETTER THAN THIS."

Her and Matty (awkwardly) chat and she decides to stay. The rose ceremony starts, Matty picks up a rose and puts it back down and then BAM, TO BE CONTINUED.

In the next episode, Matty pulls Sian aside and asks her to leave the show.

After her exit she took aim at producers, blasting them for refusing to give her some much-needed time off camera to compose herself.

Megan, season four.

Boy bye.

Megan and season four bachie Richie Strahan were both blonde, tanned and super hot. They looked damn good together and she was early favourite to win.

But hey, Megan was just not feeling it. So she told him.

At the seventh rose ceremony Richie called her name and she was just like, "nah soz".

"This is about you finding someone you can fall in love with and even though I think I can do that, I can't do that like this."

Emily, season three.

Happier times.

Emily was not stoked about being in the bottom two with her nemesis Nina, so she stormed out of the rose ceremony and left before season three Bachelor Sam Wood could send her home.

Before the ceremony Sam had told Emily he considered her "not a goof" and said she was too uptight and too concerned with the glitz and glamour.

Sam didn't follow Emily when she left the ceremony and gave the final rose to Nina - telling her the rose was always intended for her.

"It actually makes me sick that I'm leaving before Nina, I feel sick about it," she told the camera in the limo as she left.

What was your favourite Bachelor exit?

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