How it really feels to be rejected on The Bachelorette. By the only guy who knows.

There is one person in Australia who knows how Matty J is feeling right now. And that is last year’s runner up Michael Turnbull.

The soccer pro, and coatigan trendsetter got his heart broken this time last year on a sunny hill in New Zealand by Sam Frost.

But that wasn’t all that was broken.

Michael joined us on the final instalment of the Bach Chat podcast to talk us through how the finale filming went down. And it wasn’t all that glamorous. Especially after he was told that he was going home without a rose.

Listen to Michael talk about his experiences on the final ep of Bach Chat:

Sasha and Michael were staying in separate hotels on the day of the finale. They had to get up at 4.30am. Go into hair and makeup and do some pensive photo shoots.

And then, they had to sit in a car for 5 hours until they were told who the winner was.

“I was waiting for about 4-5 hours in the car…waiting for the producers to get set up. So it was a really long, stressful day, to be honest” Michael said.

Chances are Matty could have been in that car for a while, too. Image via Channel 10.

All that to get your heart broken on national TV? Yeah. Ouch.

“You just sit there and go for a walk around the car, and they give you lunch, and just wait for that radio call that says send Michael up.”


“It was sh*t boring. And by the end of it, you’re just like I’m over this. Can you just text me who the winner is? You are literally so emotionally drained from the process”

Image via Channel 10

So what about after you’ve been told you're not the one? Where do you go?

“When you first go there, they check you into a five-star hotel. And then you get the no, so I was driven back to the hotel in the limousine, my bags were already packed, ready to go so that they could transport me to a two-star motel with my minder.”

Meanwhile the winners get to stay in 5-star luxury and party with the crew. Because you haven’t had your heartbroken enough.

And just to rub salt in the wound, his flight was also downgraded.

He flew business over there and took economy on the way home.

“It was pretty interesting” Michael said.

So we can only imagine what happened to poor Matty J.

Seriously, haven’t these guys been through enough?

Catch the final full episode of Bach Chat here: