Exactly what to get the women in your life for Christmas, solely based on their star sign.

Depending on your personal approach to Christmas shopping, you’ve either put it in the ‘too hard basket’ (*ahem* Sagittariuses), or you’ve been thinking about it since October (Virgos).

If you sit in the former category, that’s okay, because we have the solution. Using the wonderful lens of astrology, we’ve devised a fool-proof, and near-scientific festive gift guide to cut through the um-ing and ah-ing that is Christmas shopping.

All you have to do is click ‘add to cart’ and hit ‘checkout’.

Aries – The most ‘Aries’ earrings to exist. Ever.

Might we suggest: Haus of Dizzy, Be Fierce!! Earrings, $59.

Relentless, confident, and energetic, we’ve found the most Aries-appropriate accessories to exist. And of course they’re a pair of glitter-covered statement earrings.

They’re fierce (literally) and unapologetic… sound like someone else you know?


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Taurus – Something luxurious.

Might we suggest: Salt by Hendrix, Rose Quartz Face Roller, $39.95.

Tauruses love luxury, and really… what is more luxurious than a crystal face roller? It’s a beautiful piece of self-care that your favourite Taurus can use everyday with their curated selection of go-to lotions and potions. Alicia Keys, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, and even Meghan Markle are fans of the nifty tool, which promises to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation.


Glowing and radiant skin awaits.

Gemini - Something to complement their creative streak.

Might we suggest: A boozy art class from Cork and Canvas, $50-plus.

Represented by 'the twins,' Geminis are impulsive, inquisitive and worldly, and will appreciate the interactive appeal of a hands-on gift.

Cork and Canvas art classes range from 'Create Your Own Banksy' for $50, to 'Paint Your Pet Pop Art Style' for $80, with studios available in Sydney and Melbourne. If you live outside of these areas, have a look for a similar 'sip and draw' class near you, or perhaps consider pottery classes too.


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Cancer - Something to pamper them.

Might we suggest: The Body Shop, Almond Hand & Nail Manicure Set, $50.

Cancers give so much to their friends and loved ones, so return the favour with a pampering dose of #selfcare this Christmas. Plus, The Body Shop are a certified B-Corp, which means they're verified to meet high standards of ethical and environmentally-conscious production, transparency, and accountability. All things which will appeal to a Cancer's humanitarian and caring spirit.

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Leo - Something monogrammed.

Might we suggest: The Daily Edited, Pale Pink AirPod Case, $49.95.

Flashy, personalised and one of a kind, Leos will love the very 'extra' present of a monogrammed AirPod case.


AirPods are already a lil' fancy on their own, but watch your Leo friends proudly pull this monogrammed, leather-wrapped case from their handbag. It'll get them the compliments (and attention) they adore.

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Virgo - Something to keep them organised.

Might we suggest: Mother of Pearl, Fairytale Notebook, $34.99

Virgos love to be organised. We know this to be true. Members born under the list-loving sign have probably never met a notebook they didn't like, and they're likely to always have one within arm's reach.

As a lovely touch, these aesthetic options from Mother of Pearl, allow you to customise their notebooks with hardback and softback, or lined, unlined and dotted options. You can also truly make this gift 'theirs', by personalising their name or their favourite quote on the front cover. How lovely.

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Libra - Something for the hostess with the mostess.

Might we suggest: Good Pair Days, Summer Rosé Special Pack, $61

Libras love entertaining, and the entertained love rosé. That's exactly how we're going to justify buying you're favourite Libra this swish gift. The three Italian and Aussie rosés cover a base of preferences, from a fruity Cantine de Falco Rosato 2017 from Italy, a refreshing and sweet Aussie Karatta 'Sugar Loaf Hills' Rose 2019, and a dry and tart Casa Lluch Rosado 2018.

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Scorpio - Something that shows you 'know' them.

Might we suggest: Kim Wallace Ceramics, Reusable takeaway cup 12 oz, $48. Colours featured: Bluegum on Stone and Blush Pink.

Behind a Scorpio's intense and at times, obsessive nature, is just a passionate, loyal, and caring soul. They don't need their presents to be flashy, but would instead rather something thoughtful and reflective of your friendship.

Show them how much they mean to you with a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece, like a mug or a bowl. These gorgeous, handmade options from Kim Wallace Ceramics, are as functional, as they are beautiful.

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Sagittarius - Something that suits their adventurous spirit.

Might we suggest: ASOS Design, Holdall with Faux Leather Trimes, $49.

Make sure your Sagittarius pals are ready for adventure at all times with this Scandi-inspired duffle. Sagittariuses aren't exactly the type to use packing cubes, or Marie Kondo-approved folding techniques - they favour spontaneity over organisation -  so this roomy catch-all is perfect. They can just throw their possessions into one bag and head off.

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Capricorn - Something to help them relax.

Might we suggest: The Beauty Chef, The Well Kit, $39.

As one of the most driven signs of the zodiac, a Capricorn's ambition and determination can also lead to their demise, i.e. burnout. Help them unwind with this uber luxe 'wellness kit'. It includes an all-purpose 'super-balm' to soothe and nourish, a 'well spray' that's infused with bio-fermented probiotics, and superfoods like olive leaf and sage to promote gut-health and general wellbeing.

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Aquarius - Something that sparks their curiosity.

Might we suggest: Three Women by Lisa Taddeo or Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness, $32.99.

Aquariuses love to flex their inquisitive minds, and they can do just that with some of 2019's best-selling non-fiction books. An exploration of female sexuality, Three Women profiles the relationships and desires of three women for a period of eight years. It's one of the most-hyped releases of the year. On the other hand, Jonathan Van Ness' memoir, Over the Top, will have you seeing Queer Eye's extravagant and bubbly grooming expert in a whole new light. His literary debut is gritty, pervy and empowering, and documents some of the darker moments in his life, like his HIV diagnosis, drug addiction and sexual abuse.


Pisces - Something for their sentimental streak.

Might we suggest: Fuji Instax, Mini 9 Camera in Ice Blue, $88.

Pisces are known for their empathetic and introspective nature, and they'll love the gift of being able to capture their memories in physical form. It's the perfect touch of nostalgia for our favourite gentle and introspective water signs.

star sign gift guide

What gifts do you think suit each star sign? Tell us in a comment below.

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